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Relieve Tooth Abscesses At The Best Dental Clinic

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A dental abscess refers to an accumulation of pus that develops inside your teeth. The bacterial infection leads to this tooth concern. This condition can result in severe pain that often travels up to your neck and ear. Once you notice tooth pain persists or becomes unbearable, it’s wise to seek medical help. If you wait longer, a tooth infection can turn more alarming. Plus, the infection can spread to your neighboring teeth. In order to examine the condition, you can reach out to the best dental clinic in Siliguri.

What are the symptoms of tooth abscesses?

The most significant sign of tooth abscesses is an intense toothache. There are other signs and symptoms as well that include:
• Toothaches that radiate to your jaw, ear, or neck
• Tooth sensitivity to cold, hot, sweet
• Red gums
• Swollen gums
• Swollen cheek or face
• Bad breath
• Loose teeth
• Foul taste
• Painful chewing/biting
• Difficulty swallowing
• Fever

Developing such signs does not mean you have a tooth abscess as it can be a sign of other dental problems too. It’s best that you see your dentist at the earliest. With proper health evaluation, your doctor ensures optimal treatment for your recovery.

Types of tooth abscesses

Given below are some classifications of tooth abscess based on tooth location:
• Periapical tooth abscesses are when the infected substance form at the tip of your tooth root.
• Gingival abscesses form on your gums
• A periodontal abscess is a serious condition that develops in your gums on the side of the tooth root.

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What causes dental abscesses?

Different conditions can lead to pus buildup in your tooth that including:
• Dental cavity
• Tooth decay
• A broken tooth
These conditions increase the likelihood of infection. Therefore, the chances of tooth abscesses become higher.

Risk factors for dental abscesses

The most common factors that put you at risk of tooth abscesses involve:
• Not maintaining day-to-day oral hygiene properly contributes to tooth issues. And, over time, such practices result in tooth abscesses, tooth pain, gum disease, tooth decay, etc.
• Frequent snacking is one of the leading causes of bacterial formation inside your mouth. Experiencing tooth abscess due to snacking between meals is nothing surprising.
• Too much sugar consumption may cause a cavity that may become the reason for tooth abscesses later  on.
• Grinding your teeth is a contributing factor to tooth abscess.
• Dry mouth is another risk of this condition

Diagnostic procedures & treatment for dental abscess

In order to provide you with quality treatment, ensuring proper diagnosis is important. Your dentist may ask for a physical examination along with a dental X-ray, putting slight pressure on your teeth, and a CT scan.

Various treatment options are available. Here your doctor conducts the required one. It can be draining the pus, root canal therapy, or tooth extraction in combination with medications (antibiotics). Visit the best dentist in Siliguri city to healing complications.

Untreated tooth abbesses create a number of hazards that include fever, facial swelling, trouble swallowing, chewing, sepsis, et al. But you can protect your oral health by following healthy oral care habits as guided by your dentist.

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