Planning to return to physical events? Read This Blog Before You Make Up Your Mind

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In 2020, when the pandemic hit the world, it affected the lives and businesses of people around the globe. A worldwide lockdown shut the door for thousands of physical events, gatherings, meetings, conferences, etc. At that time, virtual events came out like buzz and gained popularity. Everything has now gone virtual; from online classes for the students to extensive events. Events like award shows, video conferences, town hall meetings, webinars, fairs and exhibitions, and meet-ups etc. also have gone virtual.

Digital events became a necessity of time; Of course, due to lockdown, and the internet became a go-to place for their meetings and events. And now in 2022, virtual events are a hot trend in the event industry. Virtual events have successfully changed the minds of organizers and the attendees because of their convenient nature. Before you make up your mind about physical events, we suggest you go through this blog and find out why virtual events are far better than physical events.

Compared to physical events, Virtual events have a greater reach and better experience. Following are some benefits that you will figure out from virtual events.

Virtual events are flexible:

Irrespective of geographical limitations and constraints of space, virtual events are accessible seamlessly by global attendees. In a virtual event, you have the flexibility to design the event according to the requirements of attendees, hosts, sponsors, and speakers. Right virtual event platform provides features like a multi-language translator that minimizes the risk of leaving the attendees because of language issues. At the same time, in virtual events, you don’t have time-related limitations; you can extend your event as long as you want, while physical events have a time  restriction.

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Virtual events do not require specific physical venues to host events nor do they need to provide services like refreshments, etc, for their attendees; thus reducing the cost of the event. With the right virtual event platform, you can even dedicate a small budget, minimize your expenses, and  generate a good amount of revenue. 

Widen your reach:

With virtual events, you can reach thousands of attendees at the same time. There are no limitations regarding the number of participants; while in physical events you have to limit the number of attendees. Away from the geographical limitations, Virtual events can be attended by several people from any part of the globe.

Environment-friendly events:

Traveling for a physical event generates carbon footprints, by burning fuels. Along with this in a physical venue, extensive use of air conditioners generates gasses that are responsible for global warming. With Virtual events, you are saving the environment by reducing carbon footprint and non-degradable waste. 


Virtual events are not affected by weather conditions, they don’t need to be canceled or postponed due to bad weather conditions. They also don’t get affected by unforeseen events like a pandemic or other calamities. 

Easy analytics:

Right virtual platform for virtual events provide you the feature to analyze the data effortlessly. Data like engagement level of attendees, speakers which were successful in engaging attendees, the attendee who was most active during the whole event can be collected easily. With data analytics, data about joining and leaving of attendees can also be evaluated smoothly.

Data analytics helps to find the impact of strategies and let you know what changes you need to do for upcoming events.

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Smooth feedback: 

In virtual events, it becomes very easy to gather the attendees’ feedback by sending them a feedback form. While in physical events it is a very tedious task to take details of attendees and collect feedback from them. 

Immersive experience:

In virtual events, you can provide such an experience to your attendees that they have never experienced before. You can create 3D avatars, great graphics, and sound to attract attendees. To see an imitation of  venues in 3D more attendees will register as everyone likes to see 3D movies instead of 2D movies.

Greater engagement:

In virtual events, you can interact with multiple attendees at a time via calls, texts, and chats. Physical events have more personal interactions but in virtual events, the number of interactions is greater than in physical events.

In physical events, few attendees do not get the chance to interact with speakers participating in the event or host of the event due to reasons like lack of time or because of their introverted nature but in the virtual event, they don’t have such issues. 


Unlike physical events where all your marketing material like pamphlets, banners end up in the dustbin after the event; virtual events save all your content in the form of pdf, slides, recorded videos, and documents, etc. You can use that content again by modifying them. The organizers can use the video recordings for their marketing and promotions.

Virtual events provide unending opportunities to the organizers as well as attendees. As mentioned above, with the flexibility, it reduces the cost of the event, saves time and energy. Virtual events also widen your reach to large numbers of attendees, and are easily accessible, etc. Before you make up your mind about switching to a physical event, you should take one more minute. Take a breath and rethink your decision.

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 Along with this, you should select the right virtual event platform to ensure the success of your event. Hosting an event on the right virtual event platform will increase your number of attendees resulting in a successful event.


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