5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Canada SIM Card When You Travel

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Just because you’re planning to spend time in Canada doesn’t mean you need to be stuck with Canadian phone plans when you travel there. SIM cards can provide international visitors with the ability to enjoy all the perks of local cell phone service, but with fewer restrictions and more affordable prices than you might expect! Here are five reasons why you should consider buying a Canada SIM card when you travel there.

1) Save money on international calling and data charges

If you’re traveling internationally and don’t have your own phone plan, you’ll have to buy a new SIM card and pay hefty data charges to call home. Chatr Mobile and Public Mobile offer affordable international calling on all plans and no data charges. For example, Chatr offers unlimited calls to Italy at only $10 per month while Public Mobile will let you call China for only $20 per month (per device). This is an easy way to save money when traveling abroad.

2) Unlimited data plans are becoming more common

If you’re planning on traveling to Canada, check your cell phone plan for data. Many providers now offer unlimited data plans for voice and text messages, meaning that you can enjoy surfing at will without worrying about exceeding your allotted monthly data usage. For example, Public Mobile lets you surf for free once you’ve used up your 500MB of high-speed data (unlimited from 2am – 8am). Your average Canadian vacation is likely to last around 3 weeks or so; since an MB costs roughly $1 and Public Mobile’s plan is equivalent to three 500MB month-long plans ($1/day), there’s no reason not to sign up if you’re going to be in Canada for more than a week or two.

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3) Most cell phone carriers offer international roaming

This can result in outrageous fees that destroy your travel budget. Freedom Mobile and lucky Mobile is an affordable alternative to international roaming when traveling abroad—especially to Canada! Here are five reasons why you should get a Canada SIM card when you go to Canada: 1. Cheap International Texting or Calling Rates 2. Free and Fast International Data Roaming 3. Unlimited Talk and Text on Your Normal Cell Phone Number 4. Help Preserve Your Normal Cell Phone Plan by Using Someone Else’s Network 5. Affordable Prepaid Cell Service

4) No need to rent a mobile hotspot or get an international plan from your home carrier

Many cell phone users have carrier contracts that they can’t get out of—and thus, they’re stuck paying high monthly rates for their domestic plans, even when they travel. This can be especially frustrating if you frequently cross borders and are forced to rent a mobile hotspot or pay exorbitant international roaming  fees. But, with an unlocked smartphone and Canadian SIM card you can avoid those problems altogether! In many cases, you won’t need to use any additional software or services because your phone will automatically switch over from one network to another once you cross into Canada.

5) Simultaneous voice and data plans available with many carriers

While you’re on vacation, you probably want to talk and browse online at least once or twice. That’s why it’s important to pick a plan that provides for both voice and data simultaneously. Unfortunately, not all carriers offer such plans; however, chatr mobile does. In fact, with chatr mobile in Canada you can use your phone as much as you want without incurring costly overage charges.

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