On this Diwali, make your happiness bigger by sharing it with your friends and colleagues

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Diwali is the festival of lights. On this special occasion, people share happiness with others, especially their friends, colleagues, and family members. This is the most auspicious occasion which is celebrated with the family. For ages, this festival is celebrated together with the entire community. People from far-off places come home to celebrate this special festival with their families. You can make this festival more special for your loved ones by Send Gifts Online and sweets. For this facility, you can trust the most trusted website OyeGifts. This online portal provides the option of many gifts. You can select the best combinations which are available here. These are specially designed for the festival of Diwali. The gifts will be delivered to the desired location within India in a few hours post placing the order. Let us explore the variety of options available:

The pack of spongy sweets in syrup

Diwali is a festival of lights and sweets. You can share happiness by sending a box of desi rasgulla to your friends, family and colleagues. This sweet is made of milk product. The spongy sweet in a form of a small ball is dipped in the syrup solution. This is one of the traditional sweets which is made in India for decades. Surprise your friends and neighbours by gifting them this box of rasgulla from haldiram along with a decorative Diya.

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Mixed sweets

often on festivals we desire to enjoy a different variety of sweets. To this desire, there is a special gift hamper for Diwali which contains four different varieties of sweets packed in a big box. One of the sweet is made of dry fruits while the other one is made of cashews. They are arranged in a layer of 4 parallel to each other in the box. To convey your message of a happy and prosperous Diwali the gift contains a greeting card with the message in Hindi. The card is printed with images of diyas and the holy symbol Swastik.

Healthy basket of Diwali

on this Diwali you can not only send gifts to your friends and colleagues but also take care of their health by sending them healthy gifts. Often It is seen that eatables which are sent on Diwali are not as healthy as we think. You can send them a  basket full of dry fruits as Diwali gifts. This basket contains 4 packets which are nicely packed with the help of red ribbons. These packets contain almonds, cashew nuts, raisins and pistachios. Celebrate this Diwali by gifting something healthy to your loved ones.

Green gift

when it comes to sending a unique and amazing gift, the most suitable element you can think of is a beautiful plant. On this Diwali gift your friends the lucky bamboo plant along with the pack of dry fruits. Diwali is a festival of prosperity and happiness and this plant is known for its quality of spreading lucky charm and happiness to the home where it is kept. This double-layered bamboo plant is combined with two packets of cashew nuts and Almonds respectively. In contemporary times this gift is modern and traditional at the same time.

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this is one of the best gifts you can send to your colleagues, friends, or siblings. People of our generation love to enjoy chocolate in different forms. In this gift, we have a decorative box which looks like a box of sweets but the mysterious element is the presence of chocolates and dry fruits inside it. This box contains 5 dairy milk chocolates along with two packets of delicious Ferrero rocher chocolates. Towards the centre, there are two packets of pista and Almonds. Not only this box is full of chocolates but also a box of happiness.

Thali of chocolate

this is the most special Diwali gift which is created keeping in mind the love for chocolates and stylish fashion of the 2020s. this octagonal thali is decorated with laces beads and colourful cloth on its edges. Inside the space, we have lots of choclairs and a pack of 4 pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolate is kept in the centre on them. Five decorative diyas add to the beauty of the gift and also give the vibe of this festival of lights.

The idol of lord Ganesh

Diwali is the festival where everyone seeks the blessing of lord Ganesh. You can gift the divine blessings of lord Ganesh by sending this gift which contains a beautiful golden idol of lord Ganesh. Along with this holy idol, a pack of 16 pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolates is also sent. By sending this gift you will also receive his divine blessings on this esenyurt escort auspicious occasion.

Let us celebrate this festival together with our family members and friends by sharing our happiness with them through the exclusive gift collection available on this online portal. Hurry up and send these lucrative combinations.

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