3 Quick Steps To Create Skunk Stripe Hair

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Skunk hair is the latest evolution of chunky highlights, and it’s created by dying a strand (or strands) of black hair a different color.

Skunk hair is the latest evolution of chunky highlights, and it’s created by dying a strand (or strands) of black hair a different color. All of the previously impossible blends of light and dark colors are now attainable with this dual-toned hair. Switching up your style to something more sophisticated can be daunting, but trust us when you say that this current color trend is what you’ll need to alter your hair. Learn all about skunk stripe on natural hair including how to apply it. Trying to get flawless highlights all at once might cause unwanted damage to your hair. Although some elements should be left to the professionals, here are some general DIY suggestions for achieving this look:

STEP #1. Create Color Contrast

Skunk stripe hair is simple, but it requires more contrast than traditional highlighting techniques like chunky highlights. Getting complete black hair is the first step in attaining the skunk stripe hair appearance. Use straight Indian hair bundles or lace front wigs for the best results. Without black hair, the skunk hair look is incomplete. Instead of raising the hair one or two shades lighter than the root, this style allows you to play with a few three- or four-level ribbons. Similarly, don’t hesitate to experiment with additional depth in lowlights to produce a more startling contrast.

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STEP #2. Perfecting The Skunk Hair Highlights

Begin with your preferred skunk hair color. To find your ideal highlight, use hair color rings. One of the most fashionable ways to achieve the style is to use a front hair highlight, often known as a money piece. These face-framing highlights keep the front of your hair distinct while letting you employ a softer tint across the remainder of your locks. Divide these pieces into two or more foils, one beginning at the very front root and one or two more beginning slightly lower down. There will appear to be only one thick highlight with a softer taksim escort transition.

STEP #3. Add Skunk Strips Through The Length

Try the freehand balayage process if your clients want their skunk stripe hair to emerge throughout the lengths rather than just the face-framing sections. Skunk stripe hair can become more vibrant when stroking them through the hair shafts and down, but stroking them down gives it a more seamless look that flatters practically everyone.


Skunk stripe hair has a contrasting streak of hair that may be treated in various ways. This is usually seen with black hair and a prominent stripe at the front of the head. You can, however, amp up the design by using a variety of hues. So broaden your horizons, write your own rules, and decide the pace! If you wish to try pink, white, brown and blue skunk stripe hair, India Hair International will assist you in getting your desired hair. If you want to try for the various skunk stripe hair IHI is the best platform to make your dream hair come true with just a simple steps. You can also visit our website for more vivid details on any virgin hair bundles, extensions and wigs.

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