the Tattoo Touch-up Process

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Although most people are not aware, tattoos require frequent touch-ups to continue looking beautiful and bright for eternity. If you wish to escalate the lifespan of that precious design etched on your inner wrist or shoulder, perhaps, you must not neglect them.

Tattoos, when exposed to water or sun, fade quickly. You may contribute to the disaster by picking up the scabs and not letting them fall off on their own. A qualified artist can fix imperfections by making alterations or incorporating strokes. But, how to tell if a design requires a touch-up? Or, how long must you wait before opting for a touch-up?

It usually depends on the overall dimension and detailing of a tattoo. The recovery period also has a major role to play. You must allow the concerned skin to heal entirely before booking a touch-up session. The skin takes somewhere between 2 and 4 months to get back on track.

The experts making the best tattoo in the Gold Coast and even in other places described a couple of signs that prove a design needs ‘fine tuning’ immediately.

  • It has discoloured.
  • It is looking a tad watered down.
  • It has visible gaps.

Your skin needs to go through a comprehensive examination before the touch-up. The artist detects the weak spots and tries correcting them to keep collapse at bay. They also enhance the shading as well as the linework.

Tattoos on a Few Body Parts Need More Frequent Touch-ups than the Others

Studies have shown that tattoos on the hands, wrists, elbows and feet tend to fade within a short period because they rub against the clothing constantly and are also more subjected to the UV rays.

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What will happen when I Cannot Decide Whether My Tattoo Needs a Touch-up or Not?

As mentioned earlier, if you cannot decide whether your tattoos need a touch-up or not, please consult the artist. He or she will provide the necessary information. Of course, you must make sure he or she is a keen observer and is not eager to accept appointments just for the sake of money.

Aftercare Matters Too

Yes, touch-ups can retain the lustre of a tattoo, but that does not negate the significance of aftercare. The former can amend the flaws, but the latter makes sure the scars do not occur in the first place.

The experts offering services for the best tattoo shops in the Gold Coast, Australia, said effective aftercare tips include:

Protection from the Sun

Stay away from the sun as much as possible. If you have to venture out during the daytime, please apply enough sunscreen.

Avoid Swimming

Chlorinated water can force the ink to leak. So, while light showers are acceptable, make sure to avoid swimming for at least a month or so.

Apply Moisturiser

A tattooed area must remain moist under all circumstances. So, rub any unscented moisturizer. Aloe Vera gel or coconut oil also works wonders.

Now that you know everything about touch-ups book a session unhesitatingly if you feel the need.

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