How often should the cleaning material be replaced?

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We explain when it is convenient to replace cleaning tools, such as mops, scouring pads, or clothes.

In previous articles, we explained that the products we use during cleaning tasks can become a source of contamination if we do not keep them in optimal conditions. Besides verifying that these tools are free of dirt and microorganisms, it is important to keep in mind the maximum frequency of use for each product. Next, we review how often to replace the tools and cleaning materials. Like the mops, scouring pads, cloths, brooms, and chemical products that we use for cleaning.

  • Change mops every 20 days
  • Replace pads once a week
  • Resupply microfiber cloths after 300 washes
  • Change brooms or brushes every 6 months
  • Consume cleaning and disinfecting solutions as soon as possible

 Change mops every 20 days

A mop is a tool that is susceptible to harboring germs since we constantly subjected it to moisture.

For its correct maintenance, we must soak it with bleach diluted in water after each use and let it dry in a  holder.

The maximum time of use of the mops is 20 days in normal conditions, replacing them before whenever it is considered necessary.

Change pads once a week

The scourers come into contact with multiple bacteria from food that can survive and reproduce, thanks to moisture.

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For its maintenance, we will follow a procedure similar to that used for mops, immersing the scouring pads in a mixture of water with bleach after use and letting them dry afterward.

We recommend it to change the scouring pads at least once a week or more frequently if they look very damaged.

Replace microfiber clothes after 300 washes

Microfiber cloths are in constant contact with dirt and suffer great wear.

In order to keep them in perfect condition, we must wash them in washing machines after each use. In this article you will find more details about washing reusable cloths.

We recommend it to change the microfiber cloths, at most, after 300 washes, having to replace them before if they are not in good condition.

Most times, it’s difficult to keep track of the number of washes microfiber cloths have undergone. As an alternative and for greater peace of mind for the cleaning staff, at SCS Group we recommend using disposable non-woven fabric cloths.

Change brooms or brushes every 6 months

Brooms and brushes are among the most durable tools if they are cared for correctly.

To verify that they are in perfect condition, we check that the filaments are not dirty or bent and must also be stored properly in the utensil holder. You can consult some recommendations in this article.

As long as they are in perfect condition, the maximum recommended use time for brooms or brushes is 6 months.

Consume cleaning and disinfecting solutions as soon as possible

All detergents and disinfectants include the preferred consumption date on their packaging or in their technical or safety data sheets.

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In addition to storing these products properly, away from direct light and high temperatures, it is important to speed up their consumption once the mixtures are opened or prepared.

With alcohol-based compounds, we should consume them immediately after preparation or opening of the container, since they evaporate.

In the following topic, you can see the recommended usage time for the main cleaning tools:


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