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Many cyclists use a helmet light mounted to their bike. While you can always attach a different light, a light mount can make your bike safer. Here are some different models. Listed below are a few of our favorites. They are all designed with your safety in mind. If you’re interested in purchasing one for your bike, read on. You’ll be glad you did! But before you buy, be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Bontrager’s Blaze helmet

The Bontrager Blaze helmet light mount allows you to add safety to your bike and add more visibility while riding the trail. Helmet Light Mount is designed with the needs of mountain bikers in mind; the helmet is comfortable and provides ample illumination. With its magnetic buckle, you can adjust the fit to fit your head and neck perfectly. It also prevents sweat from pooling in your eyes. Its light mount is easy to install, so you’ll have less trouble getting it in place.

The helmet is surprisingly comfortable, despite not being light in weight. A medium-size weighs around 420 grams, and the liner is thick and well-padded on the front but tapering off at the rear. The helmet features a Boa retention system for a good fit, and the amount of coverage on the back is comparable to many other enduro-type half-shells. Overall, we’d recommend this helmet for mountain biking.

Leyne’s Composite Matrix Helmet Mount

The Leyne Composite Matrix Helmet Mount is a versatile and durable light mount for your bicycle. Helmet Light Mount made from lightweight Composite Matrix material, the mount is incredibly strong and has an innovative spherical pivot. The mount attaches to your bike’s helmet via a rubber and Velcro strap. The composite matrix material allows for adjustable angles in all directions.

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Surefire HL1 series

The Surefire HL1 series helmet light mount features a sleek design, a raised “Surefire” logo, and a recessed logo. It also features an O-ring to secure the battery compartment. The light has three settings for varying levels of brightness. The highest setting is bright for navigating dark spaces, and the lowest is dim for not affecting night vision. The helmet light mount includes two small machine screws to secure it to the helmet.

Whether you’re riding a bike, hiking, or taking a nap in a darkened room, a Surefire HL1 series helmet light mount will provide you with reliable illumination. The light features three white LEDs and a blinking infrared (IFF) beacon. It also has a system-disable switch to prevent accidental activation. While many helmet, lights are available on the market, the HL1 series provides the highest level of illumination and is the most popular.

If you don’t want to spend money on a proprietary mount, you can opt for the Surefire LED Helmet Light Mount instead. Unlike many other helmet light mounts, the Surefire HL1 series requires no tools for installation. This product can clamp and detach from the helmet with ease. It’s lightweight 6061 T6 aluminum and finished with a hard coat anodize. The Surefire HL1 series helmet light mount comes with a lifetime warranty.

In force lights

The MPLS Charge and Pro are two new helmet light mounts for the INFORCE Charge and Pro LEDs. These helmet lights feature a U-Clip for edge mounting and MOLLE/PALS compatibility. The Charge and Pro include a cluster of three Ultrabright LEDs and a high-power white Albright LED for distance spotting. Both models also come with red, blue, and green LEDs for visibility and safety.

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In force lights are incredibly slim and designed for rifles, but they work well for tactical helmet lights. There are three operating modes with In force lights, including IR and 400 Lumens, and they can easily mount on a variety of standard helmets. In force’s helmet mounts are extremely easy to install and take off, and the Lockout System prevents accidental activation of the light.

Josh Jackson developed the Variance helmet mount with input from other SWAT team leaders and active-duty special operations, soldiers. The mount’s locking teeth are biased to the forward position and unlock eight lower force index points. It is also compact and low-profile, with an extended life span in extreme environments. A Thrymr Variance helmet mount is made to withstand extreme temperatures. It also offers 360-degree rotation for added safety.

Charge MPLS

The Charge MPLS is a highly effective personal task light. It uses multiple colors of LEDs and infrared light to work with night vision equipment. Its multiple mounting options allow it to attach to helmets, headbands, or MOLLE fields. This helmet mount is also available in a lithium battery version. The Charge MPLS weighs nearly nothing and offers excellent functionality. Read on for more information about this light and how it can be helpful for you.

The Princeton Tec Charge Adapter mounts the Charge MPLS helmet light. This lightweight mount combines a powerful spot beam with low-profile task lighting to make your life safer on the road. This adapter designed to allow you to place your helmet light anywhere without sacrificing its performance. It is also equipped with an elastic headband for increased comfort. Lastly, the Charge MPLS helmet light is very easy to use.

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In addition to the Charge MPLS helmet light mount, the company also produces a Charge Pro model. They designed to fit on all types of helmets, including motocross, motorcycle, and snowmobile. It runs on a single CR123 Lithium battery. It is lightweight, extending its burn time and being weather-resistant. Its Velcro attachment makes it easy to install and remove. It is also compatible with most types of helmet rails.

Scotch lite helmet light mount

A Scotch lite helmet light mount is a great option for riders who need extra illumination for various situations. This NFPA-compliant light provides readily available light in most conditions, reducing the chance of injury while riding. These lights are Scotch lite reflective material and feature a mirror coating for maximum visibility. They are also available in four-packs and can be worn on stationary, turnout gear, and fire and rescue boots.

There are two types of Scotch lite Helmet Light Mount: the action mount and the adhesive mount. An action mount allows the light to rotate and is perfect for casual riding and other sports. An adhesive mount will not hold the light as tightly and may fall off. But both types of mounts are easy to install and remove. The action mount will allow you to adjust the angle of the light, which is a big plus for people who ride motorcycles.

An LED helmet light can be a great safety feature for cyclists. Whether nighttime or stormy, this light will illuminate your path safely. Luminousness is measured in lumens. The higher the lumen number, the brighter the light. A 200-lumen light can be seen from 2,000 feet away and 30 feet away. The lumen number is important as you don’t want to endanger other cyclists.

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