How To Replace Garage Door Locks

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Garage door lock rekeying is exceptionally viable for making your garage lock safer. Your garage door is fundamental in your home, and in this way, it ought to be extremely secure. Robbers frequently target these door locks to access homes or take valuables such as cars and other vehicles that we keep inside our garage. We install locks to guarantee that our garage is always safe and secure.

There are various kinds of garage door locks. Most locks have different lock systems, making them unique to other locks. These door locks can either be changed or supplanted, depending upon your inclination or decision. We will mainly focus on rekeying a garage door lock since it is less expensive and better than changing the whole lock. Likewise, we will depict how a locksmith can replace or repair a garage lock and how rekeying works

How Do Garage Door Locks Work?

Before we move on to garage lock rekeying, it is important to comprehend the functioning and mechanism of garage door locks. Most locks, door levers, deadbolts, and door handles with keyed locks have a few pins (key pins and driver pins) situated inside a case or a plug. Driving a key into the fitting enables the pins to go inside the lock at various positions. 

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The driver pins attached to the springs are of comparable length, and a locksmith won’t need to replace or change them while he is rekeying the lock. When rekeying the garage lock, the key pins, which are of differing lengths, are replaced.

These two arrangements of pins force the plug to rotate when you lock your garage. However, when you move the key into the plug, it stays in touch with the key pins and the driver pins, adjusting the two arrangements of keys at their shear line. The contact of these two keys permits the plug’s rotation, thus allowing the garage door lock to open.

To replace or repair a faulty lock, you can contact any agency which provides car key replacement in Forest Park.

How To Rekey A Garage Door Lock – Step By Step Guide:

To rekey a door lock does not require any special expertise. However, one should be careful while rekeying the lock. If you cannot rekey the lock at home, you may contact any locksmith agency that offers rekeying services. If you are a resident of Schiller Park, you may contact car key replacement services in Schiller Park to avail locksmith services. 

Step 01:

Firstly, Close your door and hold the door in its place by using a couple of vice grips. Put the vice grips on the door. Make sure that you are placing the vice grips above the door roller. Secure the vice grips on that position by locking them in their place.

Step 02:

Secondly, Take out the pin present in the door lock handle. After that, Place a nail over the pin and pound the nail with a hammer until you get the incorrect pin out of the lock. Remove the pin by using a pair of pincers.

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Step 03:

Thirdly, Pull the inner handle from the shaft. Also, pull out the lock bars off the shaft. The lock bars are the two straight pieces present in the lock. They secure the lock on each side of the door. These two bars join on a plate that mounts over the lock shaft.

Step 04:

Now, disengage the deadbolt lock over the shaft by removing the four screws with a Phillips-head screwdriver. These screws are used to secure the lock in its place.

Step 05:

Unfasten the two screws that hold the lock’s outside machinery in the door. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the screws. After removing the screws, pull the lock to remove it from the door. 

Step 06:

After that, Take that faulty lock to a home improvement center or any hardware store. Find a matching lock kit with similar machinery and model as your current lock. Most garage locks mount through two openings on the door, so it will be easy to find the same lock. Just measure the distance between the pins of the locks.

Step 07:

Have a helper slip the new garage door lock assembly through the door and keep the lock unit in place. Two retaining screws are used to secure the lock from the inside of the garage.

Step 08:

Install the new deadbolt lock on the door. A narrow bar extends through the door from the outside door handle. Insert the bar into the backside of the lock and secure it to the door with the four retention screws.

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Step 09:

Place the lock bar through the lock bar guides on each side of the door. The guides are the two brackets in which the lock bars rest when the door is unlocked. Place the lock bar plate over the lock shaft.

Step 10:

Attach the new inner lock handle to the shaft, aligning the retaining pinhole with the handle.

Step 11:

Lastly, Slide the retaining pin into the handle and strike it lightly with the hammer until it is even with the handle.


In conclusion, we can say that rekeying a door lock is not difficult. However, one should have proper knowledge about the process. 

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