4 Massage You Must Avail While Availing Home Massage Service in Jaipur

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A massage service is definitely what you need if you are under a lot of stress. Aside from its distressing characteristic, it gives you more when it comes to health and other benefits. Anxiety and depression are like a curse that slowly poisons your body if it is not maintained properly. Stress emerged from work pressure and family problems is one of the main cause of suicide these days and that need to be eradicated immediately.

Therefore, it is very important to control your stress level. And to manage high levels of stress the best way is to get a relaxing massage.

Benefits of home massage service in Jaipur

The main difficulty that you face in having that is to go to a massage centre for the service. However, these days massage therapists provide home massage services in Jaipur. You will be thinking that the home massage service will be costlier than the massage you get in the massage centre.

You might have questions about the quality of home massage service or whether the therapists can give good quality massage for which you are paying. But indeed you can benefit more from the home massage service than from a massage centre. So, here are some major benefits of home massage service that can support the claims

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·         No inconvenience and the extra stress from the traffic

It can be a stressful activity to go to the massage centre to receive a massage. Going through a busy road full of traffic will add more stress to your mind. And coming back after a soothing massage through that same road would be an even worse activity. Hence, getting a massage at home would keep you away from the tension of travelling through jam roads.

·         Saves time

We all know the fact that our time is very precious. One of the best advantages of getting a massage at home by a therapist can save a lot of time for your busy schedule. The time taken to go to the massage centre and come back home is saved. You do not have to change your schedule because of this facility and you can enjoy massage service even during a workday.

·         Save fuel cost:

Those who frequently need a massage and have to travel long distances for it can choose a home massage service in Jaipur because travelling to a massage centre will add to your expense on the fuel.

·         Addresses special requirements:

A home massage service in Jaipur is perfect for people with special requirements who cannot afford to go to the luxurious spa. Different groups of people can take advantage of this home massage service in spite of their limitations such as old people who face difficulty in travelling, pregnant ladies, and people with disabilities.

·         The better atmosphere around you:

The massage therapists carry all their equipment such as essential oils, linens and music with them. They convert our room into a calm and peaceful place with soft music to suit your lifestyle

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They spread different scents in the room to give you aromatherapy. Home massage service also includes aromatherapy where you feel relief and calm with the use of different scents. This therapy is very effective to eradicate your depression.

  • Prolonged relaxation: home massage service in Jaipur allows you to experience prolonged relaxation. You can have a warm bath or go to sleep immediately after the massage at home which is not possible at massage centres.

·         Extended massage time:

Most of the spas deliver massage service for a limited time which may be about 50 to 60 minutes maximum. But at home, you can get a massage for an extended time.

·         Insurance on home massage service

Most therapists provide insurance on home massage services in Jaipur. You can avail the benefit of insurance that covers up to 70% of home massage service costs.

·         Deep relaxation

We all want to rest in our homes. When you are free at home, you can relax better. Your mind and body goes into a deep state of relaxation feeling quiet and calm during the massage session. Hence, home massage service delivers relief from stress.

·         Enough Privacy

One of the major reasons why people love to have a home massage service in Jaipur is that it provides enough privacy. You will get the advantage of having individual attention from the therapist while remaining comfortable at your home. You can feel safer and more secure while putting off your clothes in a home massage service session.

Types of home massage services in Jaipur

There are different types of massages that particularly aim to relax specific parts of the body or to focus on repairing tissues and reducing pain in specific areas of the body.

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Home massage service providers in Jaipur offer individualised services, catering to customers’ necessary demands. The following are some of the several types of massage treatment offered by therapists:

  • Swedish massage:  Swedish massage is a popular full-body massage technique for relaxing the entire body by removing muscular knots and stress while also boosting blood circulation. People who are looking for relaxation and tension relief can prefer this massage at home.
  • Deep tissue massage:  The main focus of deep tissue massage is to relieve significant muscle tension. Deep tissue massage can help with chronic muscle tension and is especially beneficial for persons with musculoskeletal illnesses, postural issues, muscle tension, and arthritis stiffness.
  • Reflexology massage:  In this type of massage, therapists apply different amounts of pressure to particular points on the feet and hands of the customers with their fingers, thumb and hand without using any oil or lotion. It is believed that a number of health benefits that you get are by applying the pressure on certain points of these parts.
  • Thai massage:  It is a traditional therapy that involves acupressure, yoga posture and principles of Ayurveda. In Thai massage, you will get a full body massage at home. The therapist massages the body with gentle pressure using his or her palms and fingers and also uses stretching techniques that relax the whole body.

Body Massage as a way of Relaxation

Relaxation is necessary for your body so that you can perform your tasks very well, whether it be a home task or an office task. In addition to the health benefits you get from the massage therapy, home massage service sessions also save your time, and money and reduce the stress of travelling.

You can get the benefit of home massage service sessions only when you decide to get relaxation, peace and comfort. To get all this you can browse through our OnlyDesi website where you will find the listings of the best home massage service in Jaipur and choose the best one.


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