Is there a free whiteboard online?

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Is there a free whiteboard online?

A free whiteboard online Dojoit, that anybody can use to share ideas and collaborate with others in real-time, makes it simple and quick for anyone to get their thoughts out there. Dojoit is the most effective online whiteboard tool available. It is the most responsive free whiteboard online for educational purposes. Dojoit is also used in a variety of other disciplines, including education, brainstorming, mind mapping, strategy development, visual notetaking, design thinking, user experience design, online interviews, and many others.

Dojoit free online whiteboard is equipped with a slew of useful features.

In order to create a new board, you must first start from the dashboard. After that, you can invite someone else to join your board. They will be able to participate immediately. Any collaborator can be assigned a contributorship or the role of a viewer, or they can be assigned to both roles at the same time. Pointers from all of your teammates can be displayed to you in real-time, and you can even turn them off if you don’t want to see them.

In addition, it is possible to provide the board’s unique URL to anyone else, and they can then request access to the illustrations.

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Simple application to use

Dojoit is a really simple application to use. Simple mind maps and fan art regarding a variety of themes will be presented to you in this section.

Adding text is a simple process. Simply move the mouse cursor to any location on the board and begin writing. You can start drawing by selecting some shapes from the tool panel and then clicking on them to begin. The auto shape allows you to select any shape and draw it even more quickly.

The first thing you do is select the pen tool. Begin drawing, and the auto shape will automatically create beautiful lines and forms that have a genuine hand-drawn appearance while you’re working. You won’t have to switch between tools while using auto shape. There are no issues with typing and drawing together.

Dojoit whiteboard online as documentation

You may upload photographs to the board in a matter of seconds, and they will appear on the board immediately. You have the option of dragging and dropping or pasting an image, PDF, or PPT file.

What if you want to make copies of something on the whiteboard? has made it far too simple to accomplish this. If you want an object to copy itself in a specific direction, click on the arrows adjacent to it. You have the option of selecting one or more objects and then clicking on them.

To make it even easier to communicate, Dojoit features a number of add-ons. An automobile is an example of this.

  1. Icons are the first step.
  2. Stickers (no. 2)
  3. The wireframe is the third step.
  4. Components
  5. Templates are number five.
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Uses of online whiteboard tools

Drag a symbol to swiftly demonstrate a concept. A sticker can be placed on the board to recognize the efforts of your team members and to express your appreciation for their efforts. Pan left, right, up, down, and all-around to create additional room on this limitless artwork.

Sticky notes are a simple and convenient feature on They can be really beneficial. Sticky notes can be used to supplement the text. Select “Sticky Notes” from the tool palette in order to add a new note to your document. It’s simple: simply click anywhere on the board to begin.

You can lock any object on the board, preventing it from being accidentally moved or deleted by mistake. Objects can be locked by selecting them and then clicking the lock icon on their left-hand side (see image below).

Also available is the ability to upload files and documents on the board, then remove them so that you can collaborate on them. It’s possible that creating a file is the first thing you do. Afterward, select “render all pages” from the drop-down menu by clicking the gear icon on the right of your screen. This text will be displayed on the board together with the rest of the text in the lesson. This is compatible with the vast majority of file kinds, including PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and PDF documents, which are the most commonly used.

Social media friendly free online whiteboard

You can use the “publish” option to send a photo of your board to anyone who doesn’t already have Dojoit installed on their computer. The Dojoit service generates a unique public URL that you can share with anyone or post on social media with just a single click. With a single click, you may send it to them or post it on social media sites such as Facebook.

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It’s the quickest and most effective approach to creating a simple web page or application user interface wireframe for pretty much anything. It’s the fact that you don’t have to write any code before you can start using, the most straightforward online whiteboard software, that makes it so appealing.

Investigate how simple it is to capture ideas, discuss them with others in real-time, and share your work with the rest of the world using the app.

Dojoit has quickly established himself as my new closest friend, and I adore him. There are a plethora of digital whiteboards available on the internet, but this one will suffice. website sells products.

  • The quickest and most convenient online whiteboard.
  • The web’s most responsive whiteboard application
  • This is the most effective online whiteboard for educational purposes.


Dojoit is the app with the shortest learning curve when compared to the other apps. Even persons who are not very talented can utilize it effectively after only one day of training. It’s possible that you’ll fall in love with its simplicity almost immediately. For quite some time, the educational IT community has been anticipating the arrival of a tool like this. It isn’t a huge deal at all.


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