Healing Of Tension-Type Headaches At The Best Nursing Home

Healing Of Tension-Type Headaches At The Best Nursing Home

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Kids and adults are equally likely to experience headaches. And there’re different classifications of headaches, including migraine, tension-type headaches, cluster headaches, sinus headaches, medication overuse headaches, exertional headaches, etc. This blog shares information about tension headaches. This form of discomfort can be mild, or moderate. People undergoing such a type of discomfort describe their feeling as experiencing a tight band around the head. If you’ve been struggling with tension headaches, get expert help at the leading nursing home in Siliguri.

How Does Tension-Type Headache Feel?

This headache is a common type. Stress is the major trigger for tension-type headaches. Symptoms/signs may include:

·         Persistent dull pain

·         Pain can be mild, or moderate

·         A feeling of pressure on the forehead including both sides and back of the head

·         A sensation of tenderness in the neck and shoulder muscles

·         The jaw portion feels tight or tender

Difference Between Migraine and Tension Headaches

Without any doubt, migraines tend to be severe. But tension-type headaches usually range from mild to moderate discomforts. Listed in the directory below are what migraine feels like:

·         Throbbing pain that starts as a dull sensation

·         Severe pain

·         Pain that travels up to the eyes, face, neck, jaw, or sinuses

·         Sensitivity to sound, smell, light

·         Feeling tired

·         Loos of appetite

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·         Nausea

·         Vomiting

·         Abdominal pain, upset stomach

·         Dizziness

·         Difficulty reading, sleeping

·         Irritability

·         Blurry visions

·         Nasal congestion

Knowing the Types of Tension Headaches

Types of Tension Headaches

The following are two categories of tension-type headaches:

·         Episodic Tension-Type Headaches. As the term suggests episodic ones tend to last from 30 minutes to 7 days, reoccurring in episodes. With this type of tension headache, you have less than 15 days of discomfort a month.

·         Chronic Tension-Type Headaches. These discomforts occur more than 15 days each month at least for three months. Episodic headaches can turn into chronic types.

What are the Triggers for Tension-Type Headaches?

Triggers are conditions that activate your health complaint. Given below are factors you need to be aware of:

·         Stress concerning your family or work life

·         Inadequate sleep, insomnia

·         Fatigue of eyes caused by staring at a computer screen for a long time

Typically, tension-type headaches are not dangerous. However, this can be a sign of tumour growth, chronic migraine, or an underlying thyroid disorder. Make sure not to ignore headaches no matter how common these are.

Lifestyle modifications work great at easing the discomfort. If you have tension-type headaches, be sure to:

·         Refrain from alcohol and alcoholic beverages

·         Quit smoking

·         Avoid exposure to second-hand smoke

·         Get quality sleep

·         Keep from caffeinated beverages

·         Limit your sugar consumption

·         Eat more fiber-rich foods

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·         Have a balanced diet

·         Take expert guidance on stress management

·         Do regular workouts; moderate ones

·         Take breaks between workouts

Nothing could be so good as focusing on your day-to-day lifestyle choices. You may consider seeing a neurologist for headache management. Your doctor may conduct physical and neurological exams especially when you have recurrent pain. Tests may include MRI, CT scan, etc. Visit the leading neurologist in Siliguri town.

Medical care revolves around prescribing medications. But overuse of over-the-counter meds can worsen rather than benefit your health. One needs to be very attentive while using OTC medicines. See your medical expert in order to get A1 health guidance for tension-type headaches recovery.



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