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On May 22, 2022, Google for Education will hold an online seminar “Media literacy education and A+ certification training to promote the utilization of each terminal with peace of mind” for the realization of the GIGA school concept. No entry fee.

Under the GIGA school environment, the promotion of the A+ certification training use of terminals that are premised on the use of the Internet and the cloud is progressing. To utilize them well and safely, it is necessary to proceed with learning while making use of the viewpoints and ways of thinking of media literacy.

In the online seminar “Media literacy education to promote the use of terminals one by one with peace of mind”, experts explain the points of media literacy development, and elementary school teachers who are already working on the site Introduce practical examples. Many tips can be used at school, so you can think about and refer to media literacy development.

The seminar will start at 1:00 pm on May 22, 2022. Accept applications from Google’s website. The application deadline is 10 am on the day. Even if it is difficult to participate on the day, you can check the video even after the seminar by registering for viewing. Anyone interest in the GIGA school concept, such as university researchers, students, parents, etc. who are interest in learning using ICT, as well as those in charge of training and ICT promotion at school sites and boards of education, will participate. Possible.

13th Education Comprehensive Exhibition

The 13th Education Comprehensive Exhibition “EDIX” Tokyo hold for 3 days from May 11th to 13th, 2022 at the West Exhibition Hall of Tokyo Big Sight. Seminars by leading experts in the education industry and Network+ Certification training, seminars at each exhibitor’s booth, and exhibitions of notable products and services will be held. Free admission if you apply in advance from the website.

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Transformation of students created by viewpoint-based

The third place is “work style reform”. Comments were receive such as the basic idea, and ideas for shortening working hours. So wanting to learn about case studies and the opinion that it is an essential theme. In terms of future teacher recruitment and organization/system building, especially from private schools. It went up.

The online learning service “Find! Active Learner” has released new content according to the request based on the survey results. You can watch it by registering for the premium plan (free for the first month).

In the video entitle “Transformation of students create by viewpoint-base evaluation” by Professor Otemae Takamatsu Junior and Senior High School Goda, the significance, cases, and design of viewpoint-base evaluation are explaine. You can download various related materials and slides.

Initiatives for Introducing Evaluation by Perspective

In addition, a video lecture by Professor Kunihiko Yamada of Shizuoka Salegio Junior and Senior High School. So “Introduction of Initiatives for Introducing Evaluation by Perspective” and a video lecture. Because Professor Masanori Tanaka of Tottori Johoku High School “ICT Utilization Classes. So Tomorrow-Basic Understanding”, App introduction, lesson practice example”, video lecture. Mr. Makoto Wada of Aiko Junior and Senior High School’s” Points of introduction and operation of ICT-preparation. IT literacy, school ICT training, etc “has been release. In each case, you can download various related materials and slides.

In the future, an interview article publish with an example of a school that has introduce “Find! Active Learner” in the monthly high school education (schedule for the August issue) publishe by Gakuji Shuppan.

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