How To Use Hair Dryers Safely and Effectively

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Are you looking to improve the condition of your hair? You can start by using a high price hair dryer. Today, I am going to show you how to use a high priced hair dryer.

Allow your hair to dry naturally.

Before you start using your hair dryer, it’s important to let your hair air dry for as long as possible. Drying your hair naturally can prevent frizz, help you avoid split ends, and reduce the risk of heat damage to your hair. If you have extra time before washing your hair with a blow-dryer, consider leaving it wet overnight. This will give you a head start on the drying process so that the job will be easier in the morning.

If you don’t have enough time to let your hair air dry completely before blow drying it, consider using a microfiber towel or an old t-shirt to help soak up some of its moisture first.

Don’t use the hottest setting.

One of the most damaging things you can do to your hair with a dryer is using the hottest setting. Your hair is more fragile when it’s wet than when it’s dry, so you want to be careful with the temperature. If a dryer has adjustable heat settings, use the lowest one necessary to get the job done. Even better: use a blow drying attachment, like a diffuser, which will help make sure you don’t have to use maximum heat because it will distribute airflow more evenly through thick or curly hair.

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Avoid “baking your hair.”

Heat is damaging to your hair, so learning how to minimize that damage is key. Think about it: if you press a hot iron against a piece of paper for too long, that paper will burn. The same goes for your hair. To avoid “baking” or burning your hair, follow these guidelines:

  • Don’t leave the hair dryer in one place too long. Keep it moving.
  • If you can, use the cool setting on your dryer. Heat is bad for hair and should be used only sparingly.
  • Don’t point the dryer directly into your head and face, you don’t want all the heat concentrated in one area. By keeping it slightly off-center, you’ll have an easier time drying sections of your hair evenly without overheating your scalp and face, which will keep you safe from burns and make sure all parts of your head are equally styled.

Use a diffuser when drying curly hair.

There is no universal best way to use a diffuser, but you’re likely to find one that works for you if you remember a few key things:

  • You need to take it slow. If you’re in a rush, the diffuser will only slow your drying process down even more. Make sure to schedule time accordingly because the diffuser requires added time and care.
  • Use medium heat with medium speed. Set your dryer on medium heat and medium speed, which will be gentle enough for hair that’s prone to frizz or damage but still gets the job done without having to wait forever for your hair to dry.
  • Take advantage of the fingers. The fingers on the diffuser are designed for a reason; they help spread out the heat from your dryer so it doesn’t hit all at once in one concentrated area and lead to damage. Gently lift sections of hair from near your scalp using just your hands as opposed to using a brush.
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Use the cold-air setting.

You will want to utilize the cold-air setting on your blow dryer when you are ready to complete the styling and set the hair. This helps to “set” the style in your hair and also can help reduce frizz. When used with a smoothing product. The cold air is an effective way to seal hair cuticles, which can help create that sleek, shiny look often sought after. Additionally, if you have any kind of damage from heat styling or color treatments in your hair, using the cold-air setting frequently will help minimize further damage and breakage from hot air.

Towel-dry your hair for less frizz.

Now that your hair is wet, it’s time to get the water out. Use a soft towel and wrap your hair in it for 5 minutes. The best type of towel for this purpose is a microfiber towel. Squeeze excess water from your hair, and then remove the towel.

Your hair should now be damp but not dripping wet. You can get busy drying it as normal or applying styling products, depending on what you plan to do with your look after drying your tresses.

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