How To Wash And Care For Wigs

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You are not alone in wondering how to wash your favorite deep wave lace front wig, so it looks great every time you put it on. Millions of women use protective hairstyles every year. Still, during the harsh winter months, braids, weaves, and wigs are especially important for keeping cold air and external debris away from natural hair so that it may strengthen and grow without damage.

However, understanding how to care for your loose deep wave wig or straight hair wig, in particular, might be challenging.

Wigs are particularly transformational, from lace fronts to U-parts. You gain the convenience of being able to change colors quickly, increased protection, and the simplicity of having low-maintenance hair. You are good to go once you have found the right cut and installed it correctly.

However, understanding how to wash a wig is as vital as understanding how to care for the hair underneath. Check out these amazing tips on everything you need to know for keeping your wig looking good wear after wear.

How Often Should Your Wig Be Washed?

Washing your wig frequently is recommended by stylists to remove buildup that can weigh the hair down. When your wig becomes oily or knotted, you should wash it at least once a week. The use of the product may increase the frequency. Washing your wig once a week will assist in eliminating any buildup and maintaining the hair light during lengthy wear if you are not using a lot of styling products.

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What Are The Best Products To Use?

You can choose between synthetic and human hair while selecting your wig. Human hair wigs allow balayage, cutting, and style, and textures range from straight and wavy to curly and coily. While synthetic wigs may reduce frizz, human hair wigs allow for balayage, cutting, and styling, and textures range from straight and wavy to curly and coily.

Regardless of whether they are made of human or synthetic hair, lace frontals and closures should be cleaned and styled with additional care.

When Should You Take Your Wig Off?

The amount of time you should wear your wig before removing it is determined by the type of unit. A glueless fitting device can be put on and taken off daily. After a maximum of three weeks, a glued unit should be removed.

What Is The Best Way To Store Wigs?

It’s important to store your wig properly. Tossing it in a drawer or the closet won’t suffice. Mannequin heads and blocking tape help keep the lace and wig form intact. If you don’t have access to a mannequin, keep your wig in a satin bag.

How Do You Take Care Of Your Natural Hair Beneath The Wig?

Caring for your natural hair beneath a wig, like any protective style, doesn’t end when you go for a wig. If you don’t adequately moisturize your natural hair before and after installation, it can be prone to breakage. We recommend doing a hot oil therapy before and after, and for itchy scalps, she offers her Scalp Relief oil.

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