What are the advanced methods of treating dementia?

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Many people believe that dementia is a specific disease. On the contrary, various diseases can lead to this uncomfortable condition, with Alzheimer’s being one of the most common forms of dementia. An age-related disease, dementia is usually found in older people; especially those above 65 years of age. However, not all of the older generation is affected by dementia. Many people aged 65 and above do not exhibit any symptoms of dementia and continue to live active and healthy lives.

Dementia is one of the few diseases for which there is no cure. However, with proper medication and treatment, dementia can be effectively managed. In India, top-rated hospitals and hospital chains like Max Healthcare provide the best treatment for dementia at affordable costs.

Treatment for dementia

Mentioned below are specific treatments that can help manage dementia.


After diagnosing the problem and understanding the causes of dementia, the doctor may prescribe medication. These medicines can help manage the disease and make the patient’s life easier.

Cholinesterase inhibitors are effective medicines that can help patients who have Alzheimer’s disease. Specific cholinesterase inhibitors like  galantamine, donepezil, etc., benefit patients by enabling them to remember and think. Besides Alzheimer’s, these medicines are suitable for patients suffering from other forms of dementia like Parkinson’s disease, vascular dementia, etc. However, the medicines will neither cure not stop the deterioration of mental abilities.


Several therapies can help improve the quality of life of a person affected by dementia.

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Doctors will recommend cognitive stimulation therapy for people who have moderate dementia. The patient will be encouraged to participate in group activities and perform specific exercise. These activities will keep the person occupied and improve their memory and other mental functioning abilities.

Reminiscence therapy is yet another effective method widely employed on people who have dementia. Reminiscence therapy involves certain activities like talking to the affected person about their past life, likes and dislikes such as work, school, hobbies etc. The therapy helps revive memory; and improves mood and the patient’s overall well-being.

Lifestyle changes

Living with dementia is not easy, especially for the person affected by the disease. However, making certain lifestyle changes can provide some solace both to the patient and their family members. Some things that can be done to make the life of the person easier are:


Exercising every day is good for physical and mental health. Regular exercise can significantly improve a person’s strength and their balance. Exercise helps keep the affected person calm by ridding them of uncomfortable conditions like restlessness. Exercise along with a healthy diet can help manage dementia.


People who have dementia should never be idle. It will only worsen the condition. Try to indulge in an activity like gardening, painting, walking or any other activity that the person is fond of. Besides the loss of memory, dementia can also contribute to other issues like anxiety, depression, etc. Physical activity can help combat or slow down these symptoms. Make sure that your loved one indulges in physical activity every day under your supervision.

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To prevent dementia from worsening, avoid tea and other caffeinated drinks. Dementia gets worse as the day progresses. So avoid sleeping during the day and ensure that the surroundings are peaceful.

Those who have this disease might forget dates and any upcoming events. To avoid this situation from arising, give them a calendar. Besides important days, the calendar might also help them take their medication on time.

Ensure that your loved one has a healthy and well-balanced diet. Certain foods that you should include in an affected person’s diet are beans, fish, poultry, berries, nuts, green leafy vegetables, etc.

Summing up

Being diagnosed with dementia can be devastating for the affected person and their family members. But you can still manage the disease by making a few lifestyle changes and ensuring the person gets the proper therapy. For example, light exercises, listening to calming music, pet therapy, massage therapy, etc can bring a positive change in the person’s life.

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