12 Natural Ways to Overcome Allergies

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Below are 10 ways to overcome allergies

  1. Opt for alternate methods – According to studies, butterbur extract known as Ze 339 may work in the form of antihistamine medicines. Other studies denote that plant-based pycnogenol and Phleum pratensemight be helpful too.
  2. Wash up – You carry small pieces of outside world whenever you walk in the house. When you remain outdoors, your hair, clothes, skin and shoes will be covered with small particles. Go for a shower and change clothes to get rid of allergens. Leave the shoes at the door itself.
  3. Wear a mask – This will prevent allergens from getting inside the airways when you cannot stay away from some allergy triggers like when working in the vacuum or yard. Wear an N95 respirator mask which you can purchase at the medical supply stores and drugstores. This may block 95% of the small particles like pollen and other types of allergens.
  4. Eat healthy – Kids who eat lots of fruits, vegetables and nuts suffer from fewer symptoms of allergy. A healthy diet is extremely important for the entire body and you should take at least one vegetable and fruit for each meal.
  5. Rinse out properly – Nasal rinsing can help to clean mucus from the nose and lessen allergy symptoms. It can help to eliminate thin mucus and bacteria as well as lessen postnasal drip. Purchase a rinse kit or prepare one with the help of nasal bulb or neti pot. Take baking soda of 1 tea spoon and iodine free salt of 3 teaspoons and store it in the airtight container. Put the mixture of 1 teaspoon in 8 ounces of boiled or distilled water and flush one nostril gently at one time.
  6. Drink more – If you take postnasal drip or feel stuffy from the allergies, then try to sip more juice, water or other non-alcoholic drinks. The extra amount of liquid may thin mucus in nasal passages and provide some relief. Hot fluids such as tea, soup or broth offer additional benefit.
  7. Get natural – It is important to maintain a clean house and prevent allergens from entering inside. But the harsh chemicals may cause irritation to nasal passages and thus, aggravate symptoms. Use natural cleaners that have daily ingredients like baking soda or vinegar. Take a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter for trapping the allergens.
  8. Inhale steam – This trick may help to breathe easily and ease stuffy nose. Hold head on a hot water sink or bowl and put the towel for trapping steam. You may sit in bathroom for a hot shower.
  9. Do not smoke – It may make the stuffy, watery, itchy or runny eyes worse. Try to select hotel rooms, night clubs and smoke free restaurants. You should prevent other fumes which make the symptoms worse like smoke and aerosol sprays from fireplaces.
  10. Choose Acupuncture – Acupuncture affects nasal allergies in a way which is not known. But some studies denote it might help. You may ask the doctor and know whether it would be good enough to try out.
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Thus, you need to book an appointment with the allergist for a skin prick test in London and identify the triggers. So, you will be able to make a plan for avoiding them.


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