RELX Pod vs Cigarettes: What’s the Better Option?

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Vaping as the better alternative to cigarette smoking has become all the rage. You may be wondering if a RELX Pod is less harmful than a pack of cigarettes. Recent research has shown that vaping has fewer adverse effects than smoking in the long run.

If you’re considering getting a vape pod, pods are accessible online. Through the RELX store locator, you can buy RELX in NZ and other parts of the globe. You can buy them in a physical store or have them delivered to your doorstep. For cigarettes, you can buy them at your nearest liquor store. Before anything else, you must be of legal age (21 years old and up) to buy these nicotine products.

Let’s take a closer look at why vaping triumphs over smoking cigarettes.

Benefits of RELX Pod over Cigarettes

As we all know, smoking cigarettes is detrimental to one’s health. Prolonged tobacco use can cause lung cancer, heart disease, and other health problems. These adverse effects often emerge after decades of smoking.

Vape Pods Have No Tobacco

The glaring difference between vape pods and cigarettes is that the latter has tobacco. Smoking tobacco brings in cancer-inducing chemicals to your lungs and organs. Burning tobacco creates a lot of harmful toxins that are bad for your body and the environment.

Both vape pods and cigarettes have nicotine, but vape pods have flavourful nicotine-containing vapour with less harmful effects. Nicotine has also been proven to not cause cancer, despite its addicting nature.

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Control the Nicotine Strength and Intake

RELX Pods have 3-5% nicotine per pod. This percentage already gives you the advantage of controlling your nicotine intake. You can choose your desired nicotine strength. When smoking a cigarette, you don’t have much of a choice since the nicotine in one stick is not regulated. At some point, you can go nicotine-free with your vape pod.

Choose from a Wide Range of Flavours

The thing about cigarettes is that the smell practically sticks to your breath and clothes. Not everyone fancies the smell of cigarette smoke in the air. Luckily, vape pods smell magnificent. Vape pods come in different flavours suited to your liking. You can opt for pods that smell like summer fruits or your favourite beverage. You’re bound to find the right one for you.

Value for Money

You’ll be surprised at how much you’re saving when buying vape pods over cigarettes in a year. The Ministry of Health in New Zealand gathered that vaping costs less than smoking. In a year, smokers spend an average of thousands of dollars on cigarettes. Otherwise, vapers have an estimated cost of $900 per year. It’s recommended to only start vaping to quit or lessen smoking.

At the end of the day, there are more benefits to vaping a RELX pod than smoking cigarettes. RELX is not harmless, but it’s less harmful than the tobacco in cigarettes. If you’re a smoker looking for a better alternative, vaping is a way to start. Although if you’ve never smoked in your life, don’t consider either.

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