Is PUC Certificate Mandatory For A Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

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All Indian insurance firms must only renew contracts if the policyholder obtains a current Pollution Under Control certificate from a government-approved emission centre, according to a recent circular released by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India. The order was initially issued by the Indian Supreme Court in 2018. The IRDAI then ordered it, focusing especially on the area around New Delhi.

Any driver of a commercial vehicle needs to provide a PUC certificate to a traffic officer. This certificate just confirms if the emission levels of the vehicle meet or exceed the standards. It has been clarified, however, that if someone currently has commercial vehicle insurance and submits a claim, the claim cannot be denied on the grounds that the person does not possess a valid PUC certificate.

Why Is the PUC Test Necessary?

The PUC test naturally worries the administration for a very straightforward reason. A PUC certificate is one of the most important papers that a rider/ driver must have, comparable to a commercial vehicle insurance, and must be carried by the rider/driver at all times in the vehicle. Failure to do so may result in serious penalties. Why the government is forcing this is another factor to take into account.

PUC serves the straightforward function of keeping the automobile warm while also warming the surrounding area. Pollution brought on by vehicle emissions has increased during the last 20 years. Making PUC required was the only way to stop the expansion, which worried the government, and keep it under control. Many vehicles are careless with their surroundings, and inefficient fuel burning may produce a lot of pollution. Our road used to always have a vehicle running in front of it, spewing black smoke.

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Efforts by Government

The PUC certificate was first mandated by the government, which required a lot of work, but commonly, individuals bribe police officials to avoid having to get a PUC certificate. People rarely visit the emission centre since it is often seen as a wasteful expenditure. In order to address this, these individuals were subject to a significant tax, and insurance companies were required to offer insurance only to those who had a current PUC for their vehicle. This was a sensible choice because the individual would now have to worry about obtaining PUC in addition to the insurance, which is also necessary.

Therefore, if you want to renew your commercial vehicle insurance plan, it would be advantageous to have a PUC, which is good for the environment as well as the health of the vehicle, and we must all make an effort to do so as responsible residents of our nation.

PUC Certificate Benefits for Commercial Vehicle

Obtaining a PUC certificate for commercial vehicles has the following advantages:

Protects the environment

Everyone can see the true state of the world’s environment, and pollution contributes only minimally to the deterioration of the climate. A PUC certificate on your motor vehicle insurance demonstrates your responsibility and environmental awareness. Verify the pollution levels on your commercial vehicle to ensure they are within the permitted ranges.

Awareness of your vehicle’s condition

If you check the condition of your commercial vehicle, you will be aware of the various pollution levels. You could schedule regular maintenance for your vehicles. In order to prevent more issues, you should immediately contact a professional if you see a greater level of pollutant emission. You can keep your commercial vehicle in good running order by having regular inspections, tests, and PUC certificate upgrades.

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Law abiding citizen

You may prove you’re a law-abiding citizen by showing a PUC certificate. You can avoid paying penalties if you adhere to the instructions provided by the Indian government.

For insurance renewal, PUC is required

An updated PUC certificate is a required document for renewing vehicle insurance. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India has mandated that insurance providers can only renew a vehicle’s coverage if all related documentation, including the PUC certificate, is in order.

How Can You Get a PUC Certificate for Your Commercial Vehicle?

Take the steps listed below:

  • Search for a PUC centre on the Parivahan website that has been licenced by an RTO.
  • Once you’ve located it, bring your commercial vehicle to the PUC centre and have a mechanic examine it. To measure the emission levels, he will insert the emission testing tube into the exhaust pipe of the commercial vehicle.
  • The PUC certificate for your vehicle, containing information on your vehicle’s emission levels, will then be drawn.

The Final Word

The importance of an updated pollution under control (PUC) certificate for the policyholder is self-evident. It not only helps with the commercial vehicle insurance renewal procedure, but it also maintains the commercial vehicle’s health in check. You must be aware that failing to obey the rules may result in prosecution under Section 190(2) of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, which carries penalties.


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