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Customers have become smart and make informed decisions; therefore, they have started opting for eco-friendly solutions, beginning from wisely opting their transportation methods. While people took their fuel cars to anyplace they go, it had a massive contribution to polluting the environment. However, fortunately, the interests have changed, and commuters have realized the need to save the Earth and make it a better place for living. Thus, the scooter sharing trend acquired the competitive edge it deserved! Having realized the opportunity, entrepreneurs began building e-scooter sharing app to add convenience to consumer’s life while earning  good. 


Here’s more for you to learn!

More About Scooter Sharing 

There are plenty of scooter sharing apps in the market; therefore, you must be familiar with applications like Lime or Bird. Using e-scooter sharing apps enable customers to rent a Vespa or bicycles, and the process is pretty simple! 

A user has to sign up with the app, provide identity verification, and add a preferred mode of payment. Then the app locates the nearby scooter stations on a map, and users can go to the location to unlock the bike, for which a QR code has to be scanned. Finally, the user can start the ride and initiate the payment once it ends. 

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Are you looking forward to developing a similar app? Don’t forget to take assistance from an e-scooter app development company. 

Reasons Behind the Popularity of E-Scooter App Development

Indeed, we all know that e-scooters are eco-friendly! However, do you know the many other reasons that have enabled e-scooter to acquire a competitive edge? 

Luckily, we have listed some for you: 

1. Cost-Friendly

Compare the prices of taking a cab and paying for an e-scooter ride. You’ll notice that e-scooter sharing apps like Bird provide cheaper trips and are affordable for anyone. It is one of the primary reasons behind the concept getting applauded. 

2. Hassle-Free Parking

Parking a car is a stressful task, isn’t it? Finding a spot, making sure it does not create inconvenience for others, park carefully, and whatnot! 

On the other hand, the e-scooter is so compact that it can fit anywhere and be parked easily within the designated space. 

3. Easily Portable

Need to take a bus, why not take the scooter with you?

We are not kidding, and you’ve read that just right! E-Scooters are easily portable; therefore, even if customers need to travel long distances and change their commute in between, it is easily possible! 


4. Eco-Friendly

Keeping our environment healthy and clean is our responsibility. Sadly, global warming is at its peak, and we hear about the reports on the ozone layer depleting. However, the fact that can not be ignored is that the transportation industry is highly responsible for the same. 

But guess what?

E-scooters have come as a boon for the industry and are revolutionary since they don’t run on gas. Therefore, no fumes are produced, and they are also noiseless. 

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Must-Have Hardware Features for E-Scooter App Development 

Only a top mobile app development company will emphasize working on exceptional hardware features. Therefore, for you to have prior knowledge on the same, listed below are a few must-have hardware features of an e-scooter sharing application: 

1. Maintenance Sensor

The sensor collects insights on the current state of the bike and checks if it needs any repair or maintenance. Thus, send alerts regarding the same! 

2. Anti-Theft Alarm

The integration of an anti-theft alarm is a crucial feature and works when a scooter is being used without unlocking the ride via the app. Additionally, the location of the e-scooter can be easily tracked if stolen.

3. Distance Meter

The distance meter displays the distance travelled by the user, and the data is also directed to the admin. 

4. Battery Meter

As mentioned earlier, e-scooters do not run on fuel. Instead, they have to be charged to run; therefore, the battery meter displays how long a scooter can run on the previous recharge. 

To Sum Up! 

Are you willing to develop an efficient e-scooter sharing mobile app?

It is crucial to learn more about the project before getting started! So, who would you consult? 

The answer is pretty simple- connect with a top-notch mobile app development company in US for more insights, and get your dream project started. 

Happy innovation!


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