Best GST Certification Course in 2022

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While going through your shopping bill, you might have come across a word called GST. The word seems to be familiar to you. But you are not much aware of its features and functions. Don’t worry; a GST Certification course can help you. Before moving on, let’s understand GST in detail.

GST or Goods and Service Tax is an indirect tax paid by the customers for the goods and services. The GST thus collected goes into the government treasury, which is later used for the welfare of the people.

Earlier, the tax system in our country was a little complicated. Different states had different tax rules, and there were differences in the price of components too. The financial health of our country started affecting because of this. Owing to this serious issue, the government decided to implement GST. GST was first introduced on the 1st of July 2017. It successfully replaced all other tax systems in our country like entertainment tax, state VAT tax, entry tax, etc. People from all walks of life avail the services of GST. From manufacturer to retailer, everyone came under the big umbrella of GST. Governments, consumers and traders have been its beneficiaries. It simplified the whole taxing process. Everything is available on digital platforms, so there are no chances of malfunctions and discrepancies.

GST Certification Course

After implementing GST, all business organisations need to register under GST. But due to unawareness, we often come across traders who fail to register under GST. It will seriously affect their business. It showcases the importance of GST professionals. Multiple job opportunities are awaiting them, as it seems to be the future of our tax system.

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Candidates who wish to build a successful career in the accounting and taxation field can enrol on a GST certification course. This course gives you the provision to take up multiple jobs like company secretary, accountant, GST consultant, Tax accountant, Tax Analyst, businessman and other accounting professionals. This course is highly relevant as it opens up a wide area of job opportunities worldwide.

An Indian citizen interested in this profession can enrol in the GST certification course. Having a clean background and good problem-solving skills will help you become a successful GST professional.

Benefits of GST Certification Course

If you plan to become a GST professional, a GST certification course is your sure shot way to success. Below, some of the benefits of this course are mentioned that you need to consider before enrolling.

Multiple career opportunities

Many new companies and start-ups are coming up each year, leading to an increase in demand for GST practitioners responsible for GST management, reconciliation and up-gradation. Numerous job opportunities with massive pay scales are awaiting GST certified candidates in the accounting industry. According to a recent survey, a certified GST professional gets a 15 to 20% salary hike compared to his peers.

Increases your value

A GST certification will help you gain the trust of your employer. It showcases your sincerity towards your profession and enables you to build a bond with your employer; it also validates your thirst for knowledge.

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Start your consultancy.

Some people may not like to work for an organisation or group. Such persons can start something of their own, like a consultancy firm that offers services like GST filings, tax-related advice, etc.; a GST certification course will help such persons as it proves their credibility in this field.

Hone your technical skills

If you plan to shift your career from finance to taxation, you can take a GST certification course and excel in the taxation field. It is also the best option for teachers who wish to train GST aspirants.

A GST certification course gives you the authority to deal with your client’s GST related applications. You can reject, accept or submit the applications and make necessary changes with this authorised certificate. This course will teach you essential GST skills like valuation, input tax credit, time and place of supply, Tax Payment, Levy and collection of tax, Returns, GST using Tally, Practice on GSTN, etc.

What will you learn in a GST certification course?

Before discussing the syllabus of the GST course, it is essential to decide where to do the course. Finprov Learning is the best choice for a GST certification course. Here, industry experts designed the course curriculum after doing a complete market study. This course covers all the major topics like a basic understanding of GST, GST filings, income tax credit claim, reverse charge mechanism, GST returns, E-way bills, etc. The course is available online and comes in both English and Malayalam language. Students worldwide can enrol for this course and become certified GST professionals. 

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