Benefits of touchscreen android phones

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All mobile phones today come with a touchscreen. The old mobile phones which had a whole keyboard fit beside the screen for all old school today. It was difficult for the users to keep one rambling up on the keyboard and pressing each key separately. It also made the device very congested and there was no space for a bigger screen. There was the introduction of an era with flip phones which had a screen on the other side and a keyboard on the next opposite side. However, it did not seem to work with all the mobile phones. Nearly a decade ago were introduced touchscreen smartphones along with some buttons. And here we Are today with a whole touchscreen smartphone facility for each mobile phone.

What makes the touchscreen smartphone so much popular?

After knowing the benefits of a touchscreen mobile phone you would want to sell your old mobile for cash. Here are some of the benefits.

1. Huge screen

We see that everyone is holding a smartphone with you to display. It is quite interesting how we have converted from a small screen to use that screen today. The viewer experience improves as we see that we have a bigger screen today. However, these displays are also used for various purposes without interruptions. You do not have to carry your tablet or iPad or your laptop everywhere. You can do some of the office work from your use screen Smartphone as well. Whether you want to watch your favorite movie series or work on a presentation, everything can be done on your smartphone itself.

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2. Easy to handle

Touchscreen smartphones are easy to handle. This simply means that the elimination of extra efforts of using the keyboard or buttons that are physically attached works wonders. As we noticed that we can switch to quality keyboard in I mobile phone today. The physical keyboards were congested and we had to keep on pressing a single button for a longer time. To get one alphabet or numeric we had to press it several times. Many mobile phones such as BlackBerry had quality keyboards yet it was very congested. All buttons on the keyboard were very small and it was hard to press a single one.

3. Hygienic

We all have learned to maintain hygiene with the COVID-19 norms. However, as we use our handsets every day it is important to clean them regularly. Many mobile solutions have come out to keep your smartphone clean and free from the virus. A touchscreen mobile phone can be cleaned regularly and effectively with each of its corners. However, having a mobile phone with a keyboard will have dust and moisture settled even between the keys. It is difficult for us to clean the dirt between those keys as there is no space at all. However, touchscreen mobile phones have a flat surface and therefore can be clean with proper care. You do not have to go to a mobile repair shop only for its cleanliness and hygiene issues.

4. Less pressure

We do not have to put all the pressure on our fingers while we type something on our touchscreen display. Many android smartphones or even iOS have the minimum touch required. just a gentle touch can help while we are typing with our fingers. The mobile phones with physical keyboards required a lot of pressure and focus to be pressed along. Touchscreen smartphones also come along with virtual assistance which can help us to eliminate even the minimum touch required. We can perform certain activities of launching applications or placing a call just by calling out to Google or Siri.

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5. Durability

The durability of any mobile phone increases as soon as the pressure is decreased. The maintenance of the touchscreen smartphone might be a little more than the old ones. However, at least there won’t be any physical damage to your keyboard. The old mobile phones might have faced technical issues such as missing out on some buttons from the keyboard. This places the user in confusion as they cannot use it anymore. However, your task on a mobile phone will never lose any keys from the keyboard as it is inbuilt. that’s green smartphones are more durable than smartphones with buttons.

Today we can see that there are hardly any smartphones that are launched with any type of buttons on them. Yet the mobile phone companies continued to launch the new smartphone with switch-off and lock buttons or volume buttons on the side. The home button is also eliminated from all android as well as iOS devices today. Many mobile phones have been working to eliminate even other ports and buttons on newly launched smartphones. Quick mobile sell at Quick mobile. in will help you to sell any of all mobile phones or trade-in for a new one.


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