5 most common causes of tinnitus

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A ringing, buzzing, or whistling sound in the ear can be quite disturbing, especially if the cause is unknown. These noises are called tinnitus. The symptoms are most often seen in the age group 40 – 50.

The symptoms can be different in different cases depending on the cause, intensity, duration, and frequency. Although tinnitus is not dangerous alone but may be an underlying cause of other health conditions.

There are different types of tinnitus mainly classified into subjective and objective. Both of these kinds may be due to different underlying causes. 

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Subjective tinnitus is the one wherein the noise is heard within the ear and not by any external person whereas, in objective tinnitus, an external physician can hear the noise while examining the patient’s ear.

Possible causes of tinnitus

Hearing Loss

Tinnitus can sometimes be an indicator of impending hearing loss. When the hair cells in the inner ear are damaged, they hinder in the transmission of sound. These hair cells receive sound waves and send electrical signals to the brain. Thereafter, the brain interprets the signals as sound. 

Due to over-exposure to sound or due to aging, the hair cells may become bent or broken. In this condition, the hair cells leak out random signals that cause ringing or buzzing sounds which are termed tinnitus. 

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Certain medicines can cause or even worsen tinnitus. It could be due to an overdose or as a side effect. The good part is that the condition disappears when you discontinue the medication.

A common medication that causes tinnitus includes nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), cancer drugs, diuretics, certain antibiotics, and antidepressants. Surprisingly, more than 200 drugs are known to cause tinnitus.


Injuries to the head or ear can cause damage to internal ear structures. Any damage to the auditory nerve or any other sensitive structures of the auditory system can be linked to abnormal functioning of the brain hearing. Such injuries can cause tinnitus.

Ear Infection

During ear infections, there is a build-up of fluid, ear wax, or dirt that can block the ear canal. This blockage of the ear canal disturbs the pressure in the ear causing tinnitus.

Loud Noise

Exposure to loud noises can damage the sensory hair cells in the inner ear causing tinnitus. This condition is called noise-induced tinnitus. People who work in noisy environments and have long exposure to loud noises are at risk. Sudden shock waves can also damage brain tissue and lead to tinnitus. This mostly happens in service industry members who are exposed to explosions.

Some less common causes include chronic health conditions, ear disorders, and injuries that damage the nerves of the auditory system. Apart from this, there are also some risk factors that increase your risk of tinnitus. These factors include age, sex, smoking, and certain health issues such as obesity, cardiovascular, and blood pressure problems.

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If you suspect tinnitus, it is important that you have your condition evaluated by a Tinnitus Specialist in Hyderabad to get to the root of the problem and get appropriate treatment for the same. Look for the Best tinnitus clinic in Hyderabad to get your tinnitus treatment.



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