6 basic tips to stay healthy and Fit

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Everyone wants to be fit, and it’s a  basic need of humans. The famous  Denis Waitley  said that“Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.”   Health is much more important than everything than money, joy, love also, etc. anything if you don’t have good health you can’t take benefit of all these. Some people only know the basic truly needs of how to be healthy in daily life, and most people don’t know how to be healthy. So, we are here to share 6 basic tips to stay healthy and fit. You don’t have to stress about that

Follow healthy diet

In a basic way, we can say eat food full of protein, calcium, vitamins, etc, but we don’t know it’s only possible when we eat combination foods, just a mixture of the vegetables also including meet if you are not vegetarian, so you can easily add meat in your meal it’s just because it has rich of protein calcium, vitamin A, B, etc. much more. And if you make these types of mixed vegetables or other food that mix up and make a dish of that but ingredients, must be healthy for yours it’s very delicious if you know how to cook, and seriously it’s no a big thing if you want to be fit whole life.

You can eat fruits in the middle of the day, easily make a fruit chart, and first thing if you are following a healthy diet, remove that thing you can’t eat, the taste is gone in your life and all that, healthy diets also have a taste but show your creativity on your food.

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Drink energy full juices’ mango shake, badam shake and add some veggie’s carrot smoothie, spinach smoothie cucumber smoothie, etc 


In this Discussion of 6 basic tips to stay healthy and fit, Exercise is mainly to us.

Exercise is reducing weight gain and is also for the weight loss 

It’s just for making a spark in your daily life, it reduces laziness and makes your power charged for all work. Jim is the best place to work out and make yourself if you don’t want to go, or you don’t have time to go you can exercise in your home it’s so easy to follow the exercise routine. Exercise is difficult  In the starting but when you do it daily you’re also maintained and slowly become fit and also become a good or easier habit in your daily routine 

Maintained Sleep 

 Most the people think that sleep is just a brain when the body-mind down because of tiredness, but it is not the truth, reality is this when sleep helps prepare your brain to learn, create and remember, 

Healthy sleep reduces stress and depression, and it improves brain power, mood, and health. If you don’t get enough sleep, you may have headaches and some dangers of disease, heart disease, and stroke. So you have to take sleep on time. Sleep is Also affects on your skincare.

Being Emotionally strong 

Research said that emotion is not bad, but we have to know how to handle it, so we have emotional resilience. It means knowing how to Handle Stress, depression, and trauma. 

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Stay away from negative people, start the conversation with the smart and good-natured people because negative people only through the negativities from their mouths, and it’s not good for your mindset 

People Overthinking about the past, and they can’t consider that despite that it is gone, so why do they even think about it? So realize it’s the past, not our present. 

When you feel low, only talk with those people who are trustable 260 million people are affected by the depression or stress you should have to be safe from suggestions 

Personal hygiene and cleanliness

Unhygienic create wellness in the body, then it becomes a disease. Some personal hygiene is Regular Cutting, proper handwashing, and dental, and all are basic points to follow because if you don’t do that you become unhealthy or ill.

Personal hygiene includes food quality and environment also because both are affecting directly on your body’s external parts and then internal parts.

Doctor Consultation 

Always remember, health is most important. Some people have major health issues related to their food diet, and most people think it’s not important to go for a consultation with the doctor. It is not good for your health doctor to prescribe you the best advice according to your body’s needs. The doctor understands what is beneficial and what is not.

You also can take a consultation here.

Do not take so many painkillers and only medicine which is prescribed by a doctor 

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So after a long discussion of daily routine, and 6 basic tips to stay healthy and fit we know the basic points to follow for making a happier and healthy long life. When you take the tips seriously, see the results in one week.


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