Yoga does not cause any harm to the body

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The most important benefit of yoga is physical and mental therapy, many diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, stomach related diseases, etc. Practising yogasana relieves a person from going to the doctor. Yoga practice can be done at any time of the day. The benefits of yoga practice are only benefits, doing it gives energy to the body and increases the strength to fight diseases. But if yogasana is not done properly then it can harm the body. Therefore, do yoga in the beginning under the supervision of experts and do it at home only when you learn well.

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What experts say

Experts say that yoga practice can only harm your body. This is a rumour. But yoga practice needs to be done in the right way. It is a union of body, mind and soul, it is not an exercise but a way of living. There are no dangerous side effects of yoga. Yoga has only positive effects in the body. But learning yoga in the wrong way can lead to death. Back can hurt, bones can break, knees can get hurt. The posture of yogasana standing on the hands with the head down can be dangerous. If some asanas are not performed correctly, the flow of blood in the basilar artillery can be istanbul escort reduced.

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Some rules of yoga

  • Yoga can be fully benefited by following some rules of doing yogasana.
  • While doing yoga, one should know the right way to sit. Sit in one of the asanas, Siddhasana or Padmasana. Sit straight or else clean air will not be able to enter inside.
  • Yoga should always be done in a clean and open space.
  • During yoga, breathe only through the nose and out through the mouth.
  • If a pregnant woman is suffering from fever, then she should not do yoga.
  • Yoga should always be done on an empty stomach, if time is not available in the morning, then yoga should be done after 4 hours of eating.

There are many benefits of doing yoga

  • The stress of the body is reduced.
  • The pain in the body subsides.
  • Deep and light breaths have to be taken in yoga, due to which our lungs work well and there is no disease related to lungs.
  • There is lightness and flexibility in the body.
  • By exercising all the parts of the body, the muscles of the body get strength.
  • Blood pressure can be controlled by yogasana.
  • Obesity can be reduced very quickly and easily. Apart from this, doing yoga every day does not increase weight.
  • Doing yogasana benefits the brain. If you do more mind-related work then you must do yoga. By doing this the brain gets rest and the capacity of the brain also increases.
  • If you do yoga even 4 days a week, then you will be saved from many diseases.
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Prevention of diseases

Many diseases are eliminated by doing yogasana and the effect of dangerous diseases is reduced. Diseases like obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, constipation, acidity, respiratory problems, allergies, migraine, high blood pressure, kidney problems, sexual disorders etc. Apart from this, problems like hair fall, greying of hair, wrinkles on the face, loss of eyesight, forgetfulness can also be relieved.


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