What is QuickBooks Hosting? Explain in details

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Would you like to know what QuickBooks Hosting is? With this post, we provide all the information about hosting QB that you need. Cloud servers should be configured to install the licensed copies of desktop versions. With QB hosting, reliability increased, scalability increased, IT costs were reduced, backup was centralized, hardware was reduced, and many more benefits were realized.

What are QuickBooks Hostings?

QuickBooks Hosting is also referred to as cloud hosting and Using this feature, you can access your information at any time without installing any heavy remote desktop software on your laptop. You can access data from anywhere and at any time using a remote desktop if you have a good internet connection.

Furthermore, hosting allows you to store the data on a third-party company’s cloud server and enabling you to access the file from any device so whether it’s an office computer but a  home computer, or a mobile phone. Using QuickBooks hosting does not limit your mobility.

The advantages of QB Hosting

Following are some of the benefits of hosting QuickBooks:-

  • QuickBooks Anywhere can be used from anywhere
  • Collaborative effort improved.
  • Your data is safe with us
  • Low IT costs.
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1. Access QuickBooks from anywhere

QB hosting’s best selling point is its ease of use. because You can use this software with your smartphone or any other device from anywhere and at any time.

2. Enhanced collaboration

Businesses that have multiple QuickBooks users will benefit from the mobility provided by QuickBooks hosting. Users can access wherever they wish from anywhere at any time.

3. Safeguards data

Private information is stored within your accounting software. Data that is crucial to your business should be saved on your system or uploaded to the cloud to prevent data loss. To ensure that only you can access your data, security measures are used.

4. The cost of IT is lower

The majority of businesses have their own server where QuickBooks is hosted. The costs of setup, maintenance, and other expenses may make this an expensive proposition. Remote servers may not be free, but they can be less expensive than onsite servers.

Disadvantages of Hosting QB

  • Hosts charge a lot
  • Internet outages and dependence
  • Issues with the UI

1. Hosts charge a lot

The Hosts are expensive, as we see. Mobility-related hosting may be a valuable service for some businesses, but for others it is an extra expense that puts strain on their finances.

2. Internet outages and dependence

The accounting software can be difficult to access when your server is down and your internet doesn’t work. An Internet connection with high-speed can prevent access issues, however.

3. Issues with the UI

You may experience some issues and differences when using QuickBooks remotely when this transfers seamlessly from the devices. You won’t be able to use QB Desktop on mobile devices, but you should be able to get the hang of things fairly quickly while maintaining access to most of its features.

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Type of QuickBooks Hosting Providers

There are two different hosting providers to select from:-

  1. Standard Hosting Provider
  2. Commercial Hosting Provider

1. Standard Hosting Provider

When you have all the QuickBooks license, you should move to a standard hosting provider. Adding a new user will not be possible through these companies; you will need to contact Intuit directly.

2. Commercial Hosting Provider

Renting QuickBooks licenses on this hosting is month-to-month. Several companies provide the standard hosting services for companies that have all the licenses that they need.

The QuickBooks Desktop Host Guide

  • Initially, you must share the license and other information needed to install QuickBooks on the SOC-2 platform.
  • Now that QuickBooks Cloud Server configuration is complete because the data migration can be completed in order to set up the platform.
  • The credentials are then provided on the remote desktop so that users can access and run the app.
  • The two-way authentication is designed to provide secure access anywhere and anytime.
  • After that, the RDP Web Connector manages the connection between the cloud server and the user’s device and configures the user’s request based on his login information.

QB Cloud Hosting in 3 Steps

Follow the below given three easy steps to QuickBooks Cloud Hosting:-

 1- Registration or Sign in

2- Configure the Access Rights

3- Log Into QuickBooks Cloud


The Quickbooks Hosting information we mentioned above is important and now It is our hope that you find this information helpful and useful. Please check out our other posts as well if you have any questions.

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