Ethical Biometrics High Road Should Be Easy, Yet Many Identity Service Providers Struggle

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Identity service providers face a few key challenges as BYOD devices become more common and companies must integrate identity services into business operations. These issues include cost, security, and ease of use. These three priorities must be balanced by identity service providers. These issues are discussed in this article.

Problems with automated facial-scanning technology

Recent cases of face-scanning technology that is automated have raised many questions about the Framework’s operation and certification scheme. These questions have implications for the wider regulatory environment. What should identity service providers be aware of? Here are some key issues to be aware of when using this technology.

First, privacy is an essential value in a democratic society, and it is vital to the enjoyment of fundamental human rights. Although this technology is being developed by private companies, many people are concerned about the potential commercialization of our personal data. They face a choice between market success and social responsibility. Private entities should not be allowed facial verification access unless they have a legal basis to do so. It is important to protect individuals’ privacy even in public places.

Unchecked face-scanning technology may have a disproportionate effect on certain groups. These tools can cause problems for people with disabilities and transgender individuals. Software algorithms may ask whether the person’s post-transition and pre-transition photos are identical. Software algorithms often fail to recognize a person’s identity and must be re-examined.


Identity service providers continue to prioritize security and many organizations are making strides in reducing cyber-risks. However, attackers still have access to large security gaps. These security gaps can be exploited by attackers to continue holding business operations hostage. There are proactive steps you can take to safeguard your data and services.

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It is important to use the right identity management platform in order to protect your data. There are many options available, including cloud-based applications that integrate identity management in their architectures. These solutions are difficult to set up and maintain, and they don’t have the capabilities to integrate new security methods and other services.

The UK government has established a set of standards for ID assurance that all identity service providers must follow. The blueprint is being implemented in many sectors including security screening, property rental, and employment. The blueprint describes a mix of identity proofing methods, including biometrics as well as document authentication. The UK government recommends knowledge-based authentication, which can be used for validating users’ identities.

Use it quickly

Providers of IDaaS offer a variety of identity services including authentication and identity management. These services can be delivered through the cloud which allows organizations to easily and quickly onboard users and apps. Cloud hosting also ensures bandwidth and scale. These services are compatible with industry-standard encryption protocols and authentication. Some providers support consent mechanisms, such as CIAM. Organizations should be familiar with the process of outsourced identity management, authentication and selection of a provider before making a decision.

Third-party companies are trusted to create and manage identities for users. These companies offer their authentication services for third-party apps. End-users can access services and applications without having to share login details through the identity provider’s authentication services. This allows identity service providers to offer a secure, reliable, and convenient user experience.

Organizations need the support of identity service providers. They are able to address common problems and provide tailored solutions. They can also streamline the onboarding and offloading processes for companies.

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