Blogging Mistakes You Need To Avoid In 2022

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As far as new bloggers are concerned who are going to speed up quickly, writing a blog is much more than writing a diary. If you have started your own website designing company in Kolkata, you need to realise that blogging is a business requiring attention, time and effort. Anyone can start their blog, but they will not give the attention that it needs to be a successful portion of a business. That is when they make the mistakes. Let us delve deeper into the common blogging mistakes along with the solutions that will help you scale up your blog.

Create blog posts that help your larger company goals

As much as  you might go through your blog post after publishing them, you need to know that you are not the only reader or the intended reader. As a website designing company in Kolkata, ideas are going to come to you at random times when you begin blogging. While those concepts may come at random situations, the ideas should never be random.

Just because it is not a good idea generally, or it is something that interests you personally, does not mean it is a great idea for your company as well.

Solution: Align your posts with the growth objective of your company

The reason you are starting to blog is to solve problems for your target audience and crow your business. All of your blog ideas should help serve those growth goals. As the best website designer in Kolkata, you need to know which goals are needed to achieve and have some concepts on how to achieve them.

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Write like you’re talking

Mistake: You are writing stiffly

Writing a post on your blog is pretty different then writing your mid term paper. However, as a blogger, when you first start writing for the blog section of your web design and development company in Kolkata, you generally have to experience the latter. Most people seeing your post are not going to read the entire thing if you are writing too stiffly. For keeping them interested, you need to compel them to continue reading by writing in a pattern that is effortless and easy to read.

Solution: Curate blogs that appear personable

You can be more conversational with your writing. The more conversation and your writing is, the more the audience will enjoy reading it. They want to feel like they are carrying out business with real people and not bots. Make sure to loosen up when it comes to writing. Get rid of jargon and throw in contractions. Making a pun or two won’t hurt. This is something that real people want to read.

Find something that resonates with your audience

Mistake: You tend to forget about your personality

If you look forward to having your block content performing well by generating leads, sales and traffic, it needs to resonate with your target audience and compel them to take necessary action. One of the greatest mistakes is assuming that your content is going to perform if you have not considered your target audience or the actions you want them to take.

As a web design and development company in Kolkata, you need to understand that your persona is the basis for everything you are going to create.

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Solution: Understand the pain points of your persona and solve them

Writing for yourself would not always resonate with your target audience. If you speak about all the challenges, pain points and goals of your persona, your target audience will feel like you are speaking with them and they will stay on your page and convert quickly.

As a website designing company in Kolkata, you need to define your buyer persona and those that matter to them. This can help bridge the gap with your content. If you are not thinking about the pain points, you are simply creating content for the sake of creating it, which is a complete waste of resources.

Don’t tell, show your personality

Mistake: You think people care about the writer in you

It might sound harsh, but this is the truth. When people begin blogging they consider that their audience will be interested in their interests and stories, but that never remains the case. To be the best website designer in Kolkata, you need to win over people through your blog section. Keep in mind that no one is interested in your personal experiences and people are more interested about what you can teach them.

Solution: Do not eclipse the topic and infuse your personality

Even though others don’t really care that it is you writing the post, you can add parts of your personality in your work to make it more relatable. You can follow any process and that is entirely up to you. You can try to make pop culture references, crack jokes and explain things with vivid descriptions.

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For infusing your own personality into writing, make sure to look for ways that relate to your readers on topics that you are writing about. Write in the first person as if you are talking with them. Follow a personal, engaging and approachable tone, similar to a face to face conversation.

Wrapping Up

Are you already feeling overwhelmed? Let us help you by summarising the blogging mistakes you should avoid.

·         You think of ideas that only interest you

·         You forget about your persona.

·         Your writing is too stiff.

·         You think people care about you as a writer.

Blogging is much more than just writing words and hitting the publish button. As a website designing company in Kolkata, when you are writing for the blog section of your company, keep in mind that blogging is a business and you always need to set yourself up for success and understand your audience and the content they look forward to reading.

We hope you are going to use this list of mistakes for stepping up your blogging game. The benefits of keeping pace with the healthy business blog will be worth the effort and time after all.



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