A Guide To Selecting The Right Exterior Paint For Your House!

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Whether you need to select the right set of paint colours for your new home, or repaint an old one to change the look of your house and freshen it up a bit, choosing the new colours for your exterior can be a bit tricky.

There is just so much to choose from and the variety available in the market these days is absolutely insane! Painting and decorating in London can be quite an overwhelming task.

Well, not to worry, because we are here to solve all your painting needs! There are plenty of things you could do to freshen up your house. Here are a few options and tips to help you make the exterior of your house look absolutely stunning!Things To Consider Before Choosing The Right Paint Colour!

1.   The Quality Of The Paint

The quality of the paint plays a major role in how the overall exterior look of the house will turn out to be. If it is of low-quality, the look will not look as nice as you want it to be and will disappoint you.

If you want the house to look great and the colours to feel wonderful, ensure that you hire trusted professionals who know what they are doing to paint the exterior of your house.

We, BOHUNONE LTD, are a home extension company and are extremely dedicated to making your house look good and will paint it with extreme finesse and dexterity. Looking for reliable companies to paint your house? Contact us now!

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2.   What Does The Neighborhood Look Like?

What are the colour schemes of the neighbourhood? How are the houses painted? What is the overall look of all the other homes?

It would be wise to choose a colour scheme that provides a good contrast with nearby houses and complements them in a nice way.

3.   Choose A Colour Scheme That Complements Your House

Consider the overall architecture in your house. What tone would look good with it? It is important to consider the kind of house you have.

The architectural structure matters a lot. For instance, dark Victorian tones might not look that great with a modern house. Similarly, dark brown and black colours might look good on houses that are old and have a mediaeval touch to them. Whatever you choose, just make sure it gives an appealing look and goes with the overall aura of the house.

4.   Keep The Interior In Mind

How will you feel if you step inside a house whose exterior is completely different from the interior? Weird, right? We are not saying that both should be the same. However, a contrast is necessary.

It is important that the exterior of the house should represent your interior. You could add a colour scheme that provides a nice balance with the interior. Or, you could even add a little bit of texture here and there. Bottomline, your outside should have a little of the inside.

5.   Do A Bit Of Testing

Painting the exterior of your house is not something you do everyday. It’s something that will last you for a long period of time, possibly a few long years until you decide to revamp the place again.

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This is why it is important you do a bit of testing and experimenting first to finally decide on what you would like to go with. You could try to test paint colours on the house, observe them in different lighting and different parts of the day. This will help you decide better and make a more appropriate choice.

Wrapping It Up

These were a few tips to consider while painting the exterior of your house. No matter what’s in fashion these days, be sure to choose whatever you like best. What you do depends on you, however, be sure to keep these few tips in mind. We believe they might help you in achieving your dream home!

Want to revamp your house and freshen and liven up the colours a bit? Hire BOHUNONE LTD for all your paint needs. We are one of the leading paint companies and ensure that we only use the top and most high-quality equipment for the job. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!


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