New Company Registration Needs Expert Care!

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If you are looking for ways to start a Company Registration in the UK, it is a good idea to start off with the registration of your new company. Many business startups fail simply because they fail to register their business and thereby lose the opportunity of earning a share of the UK market. Accounting firms in the UK offer services like startup registration, corporate and personal guarantees, limited liability and limited company formation, etc. These services are offered to companies irrespective of their size. Therefore, it is not a problem to get the services you need from the Accounting firms located in the UK.

Accounting Firm Helps You with the New Company Registration

You can even choose an accounting firm that can help you with the new company registration. The services you can get from these accounting firms include the registration of the new company name, ensuring that the spelling of the company name is accurate, undertaking surveys for business development in the name of the company, incorporating the company, setting up the bank accounts, preparing the annual return and so many other services. Services offered by different companies vary according to the requirements of the clients.

Other Tasks

Accounting firms in the UK provide services for many other tasks apart from the service of company registration. For instance, these firms also help individuals plan their annual financial needs and help them keep a track of their expenditure and income. A good accountant will also help you decide on the various investment options that you can take in order to grow your business. These services are available at affordable prices from many reputed UK Accounting firms. The Accounting firm registration process is much simpler than the registration process of a US Company or a European Company.

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Specific Rules that have to be Followed for Setting up a Business in the UK

There are certain specific rules that have to be followed for setting up a business in the UK. For instance, the spelling of the name should be distinct, there should be no space between the c and the a and the word ‘irs’ should be at the back of the name. You will also have to comply with all the rules that govern setting up the UK Private Limited Company (PLC). Some of the requirements that have to be fulfilled by the new private limited company registration include the submission of annual returns, payment of annual maintenance fees to the Registration authorities, filing of the company’s articles of association with the Registry of Companies, paying the annual tax rate, paying the quarterly installments and paying the net royalty to the Board of Directors of the firm.


Many people try to avoid the entire process of company registration and choose the inexpensive alternative of a PLC instead. This is not a correct decision as a PLC is not a unique component of the UK Private limited Company. Though a PLC has the same legal features as that of a normal company it does not carry the unique feature of a private limited company. In such a scenario, registering the new company under the name of a PLC will not create any legal issue as the company will be functioning under the supervision of an authorized body.

Professional Firm will Assist You in Completing the Entire Task

On the other hand, you can register your new private limited company registration in conjunction with the services of a professional firm that will assist you in completing the entire task. The services of these professionals are available at a nominal fee and will help you in creating the right set of rules for your business and ensuring that your business possesses the right kind of legal attributes that will make it difficult for somebody to identify your business. The right kind of unique feature associated with a private limited company registration will make it difficult for anybody to start an illegal business in the UK without any risk. This factor alone justifies the registration of your business under the lucrative category of private limited company.

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Requirement of Submitting the Articles of Association

Another important feature that take into consideration during the registration process is the requirement of submitting. The articles of association for your business along with the payment of nominal annual maintenance fees. If you wish to avail the benefits of the new company registration system. You need to ensure that the business is registered under the correct category. The incorrect classification can result in the registration being canceled in a heartbeat. For instance, if you want your business to be classified as a partnership instead of a sole proprietorship. The registration process can be made more simplified by providing all the necessary information required by the government authorities. Similarly, if you want your business to be incorporated instead of being an independent entity, you can provide all the requisite information and ensure that your registration with the Companies House and the Reserve Bank of the UK is approved.


You can use the services of any good online company incorporation service provider. Who will help you in completing all the formalities and prepare all the documents. That are absolutely mandatory for the registration of your business. However, there are certain risks involve when you opt for the services of an online company incorporation service provider. Many fraudulent companies operate in the country and take advantage of the startups to dupe customers. The registration of your business becomes easier with the help of an online company incorporation service. The charges associated with it can be exorbitant. Therefore, before selecting the service of an online service provider you need to do a lot of research. Make sure you select a reliable service provider who will provide all the required documentation at zero cost.

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