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Reference and Education


Higher medical education in Italy opens up serious employment opportunities in EU countries, so young Italians from post-Soviet countries are keenly interested in ways to pursue a medical degree.

Why Italy?

The benefits of pursuing a Ph.D. in Italy are:

  • Relatively low tuition costs: 600-4000 Euros per year in public universities. Private universities offer programs ranging from 2 to 000 8,000 per year.
  • The high standard of teaching is based on the centuries-old tradition of Italian universities, with modern teaching methods as well as impressive research, and scientific and technical basis in each university. Medical students practice serious medical exercises and thus, after obtaining their degree, they are endowe with the best practical skills.
  • Almost all major Italian universities offer English language courses for foreigners in their medical programs.

The relaxed climate, the hospitality of the locals, the impressive history of the region, and the ancient architecture also attract foreign applicants when choosing a university.

Admission rules for foreigners

Foreign applicants for a medical degree in Italy are eligible after fulfilling the following conditions:

  1. In Italy, the period of secondary education takes 12 years. So a Pakistan high school graduate from a medical university in one of the CIS countries after completing 1-2 courses or preparation courses at an Italian university. I enter
  2. For admission, applicants pass a special IMET (International Medical Entrance Test, consisting of 60 questions), which tests the level of knowledge in the fields of scientific and logical knowledge as well as chemistry, biology, mathematics, and physics.
  3. The foreign candidate submits a certificate of English proficiency (Level B2), and the minimum knowledge of the Italian language is assesse in the process of studying at a university.

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The set of documents required for registration includes High School Completion Certificate, IMET Certificate, Language Certificate, Photographs, etc. In addition, a prospective university student is issued a visa to enter Italy, and upon registration, a student’s residence permit is obtained. For foreign students wishing to pursue a master’s or doctorate in an Italian university, it is necessary to submit a list of bachelor’s degrees and majors certified by university authorities. Doctoral education in Italy is characterized by an indivisible judiciary, meaning that, except for a few specialties, medical university education is not divided into undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

All documents are translate into Italian and communicated by the rules of the select university.

Medical training in Italy: algorithms and features.

To study as a doctor in Italy, the student pursues a multi-year study program:

  • For a Master’s Degree in General Medicine and Surgery, students study for 6 years with compulsory internship and pass examinations in these subjects as well as obstetrics and gynecology. The medical school graduate is registere in the registry of doctors, dentists, and surgeons and then has the right to practice medicine.
  • For a narrow major, the undergraduate student re-takes the entrance exam and follows a 2- to the 5-year study program. After obtaining the appropriate diploma, the young specialist must re-register in the National Register of Work in the Medical Field.
  • During the study period, the university student should earn 300 to 360 credits for the academic subjects in which they specialize. The exact number of credits depends on the major selected.

Special attention is paid to medical practice in Italy. For over 6 years, college students have been working in the clinic under the supervision of experienced physicians or surgeons. Participating in or assisting in operations, examinations, and treatments.

Medical universities in Italy

Among Italy’s leading universities, the following are prominent, including medical schools:

1. Sapienza Universita di Roma

Located at the University of Rome, and has the faculties of Medicine, Psychology, Pharmacy, and Dentistry. Education is characterize by a systematic approach to the development of knowledge about the human body and higher educational needs.

2. Universita Degli Studi di Milano 

University of Milan’s medical school is distinguishe by its innovative teaching methods and rigorous training in clinics.

3. Universita Degli Studi di Torino

University of Turin Medical School offers English language courses, thus enjoying the interest of foreign applicants. Hospitals and emergency centers are located here, and university students practice in the university and municipal clinics, gaining extensive experience in treating patients.

4. Universita Degli Studi di Pavia

The University of Pavia School of Medicine is known for its renowned professors and alumni. And its long-term teaching tradition is in tune with the latest teaching methods. The study was conduct in English and in accordance with the latest standards of medical universities in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Universidad Católica di Roma, San Raffaele di Milan, University of Humanitas. And others are prominent among the private universities offering medical education in English to foreigners in Italy. Today, in every Italian region, there is at least one medical university or university college. That trains general practitioners, pharmacists, and dentists. So that foreign candidates can choose the appropriate options for their European medical degree.

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