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EducationWriting and Speaking

What is the Best Ph.D. or Master’s Thesis you’ve ever read?

This question might be a little surprising for you because most of the posts are about the ways to write the best dissertation or the tips to overcome your fear of dissertation writing. The actual exam in a life of a student comes when he comes across the dissertation/thesis (masteressaywriters, 2021). However; it is important to see the perspective of a reader as well because you won’t be able to understand your writing mistakes as long as you won’t get to read the best-written thesis projects, research works, or dissertations. These projects are written by the dissertation help UK professional writer or post-graduate level students.

It is a comprehensible fact that students don’t get time to read their own syllabus so how can someone expect them to read other people’s world. This is why; we have decided to make it easy for you by reading some of the best dissertation proposal help projects, thesis work, and so on. The points that have been deduced from all those exceptionally written academic projects (theses) have mentioned in the following post.


The master thesis is the last formal step in most universities around the world (Nouri & Larsson, 2019). It is an academic piece of writing in which the student or the candidate gets thorough research done on a particular subject/ topic. It is the kind of persuasive argumentation in which the student is meant to define the issues or the focus of the research work. This issue is then solved as per the conducted research which helps in persuading the reader to validate your research work.  Obviously; the purpose of the thesis gets fulfilled when the reader gets persuaded by the opinion of the writer.

Purpose of thesis writing:

Thesis writing is assigned to the students for the following main reasons:

  • To enable the students to have a better understanding and knowledge of the subject
  • To enable the teachers to know about the student’s comprehension of the topic.
  • To prepare the result depending upon the thesis submitted.
  • To help the next generations to take references from the best-published theses.

“The use of thesis writing is to train the mind, or to prove that the mind has been trained.”Thomas Albut

The best Ph.D. or Master’s thesis ever read:

Reading the best-published thesis work makes you understand where you are going wrong in your thesis writing and how can you improve your thesis as per the standard of some of the best post-graduation thesis work.

Noticeable points of the best thesis work:

Following are some of the noticeable points that have been deduced from the best thesis works:

1. Great understanding of the topic:

Some of the best thesis projects showed that the writer had a great understanding of the topic. This was quite evident from the very start till the very end of the thesis because there was no confusion seen in the work. The writer seemed to be very clear with his topic.

2. Well-divided thesis:

Another aspect that was quite noticeable in some of the best research works was that they were well divided into five main chapters; which are as follows:

  • Introduction: The introduction covered the background of the issues, the reason for high lightening the issue, and the way the student has selected to conduct his research. In fact; the introduction was precise and concise.
  • Literature review: The next chapter constituted the review of the previously published work on the related topic. It was proficiently explained how this thesis work is going to be more exclusive than the previous ones.
  • Methodology: Their methodology beautifully explained the data collection and evaluation methods that the student was going to use in his research work.
  • Findings: This chapter of the thesis was quite brilliantly explained by the writer in which the findings, conclusion, and recommendations were attached.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion of these thesis works quite perfectly summed up the whole research work.

3. Strictly followed format:

Another thing that was perceived in a best-written thesis work was that the writer had strictly followed the rules and regulations of thesis writing. He made sure that the format, spacing, margins, page no, and all such things are properly done. This made it easy for the reader to read the content.

Best thesis topics:

We have always read that the topic of a dissertation must be appealing enough to attract the reader to read your thesis work. This seemed to be relatable when we chose only those thesis works to read whose topics seemed to be most appealing. Below mentioned are some of the best research works and the topics of the thesis that have been read:

· Technology- a vice or a blessing:

This topic and its research work were worth a read. It elaborated on the vices and blessings of technology. Then the writer concluded whether it is a vice or a blessing and what the future holds for us when it comes to technology.

· The reality behind the landing on the moon:

This is yet another topic that caught the readers’ attention. It was the research work done on the fact whether it was a made-up tale about the landing of humans on the moon or did it actually happen. In addition to that; it argued why nobody has ever landed on the moon again.

· A critical analysis of the behavioral differences between millennials and Gen Z:

In this research work; every aspect of life was viewed through the perspective of the millennial and gen Z. After that; results were deduced depending on the differences in their ideologies and their way of looking at different things.


There are times when students can’t seem to understand a point as long as they are not provided with the standard sample to overview their shortcomings. Hopefully; the above-mentioned point that we have noticed in some of the best-written theses will help the students in their writing.


Jalal Nouri, K. L. (2019, Sep 9th). Identifying Factors for Master Thesis Completion and Non-completion Through Learning Analytics and Machine Learning. Transforming learning with meaningful technologies , 28-39.

masteressaywriters. (2021, June 12th). HOW TO WRITE A DISSERTATION METHODOLOGY.

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