What do you need to know about Craniovertebral And Cervical Spine Surgery?

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Craniovertebral And Cervical Spine Surgery

The craniovertebral junction is performed in and around the area having the proper understanding to perform it easily. Indeed! It requires proper planning and technique to ensure the best possible results are obtained. The expertise offered by one of the best spine doctor in Ludhiana is of utmost essential to manage everything and ensure the patient’s well-being get all better. Indeed! It’s the updated technique and planning that offers the rightful results.

The expertise offered by the Best Neurologist in Ludhiana is the right way to make the situation right. All things are analyzed from the basilar invagination to the craniovertebral junction region to make the health much better compared to earlier.

Cervical spine surgery

With cervical spine surgery, the focus is on addressing a variety of clinic problems like:

  • Tumors
  • Trauma
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Deformity
  • Ossified posterior longitudinal ligament

Whether you just started noticing the problem or have been noticing it for a long time, don’t linger on to consult the medical specialist. Even for the CV Junction Treatment In Ludhianathe neurologist helps you come across inventive solutions based on all modern technology.

Surgical procedure for degenerative disease

Discectomy (With or without fusion)

The most common procedure is discectomy to correct level and ensure proper intra-operative imaging is obtained. The right kind of visualization and proper construction are the pivotal factors to make the utmost difference in the entire approach.

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Disc replacement

In some cases, there’s a need to get disc replacement to ensure prostheses are in a suitable place. Most importantly, it’s also about being mobile and ensuring the right fusion of all the parts. The procedure has gained a lot of attention over time kuşadası escort because of several factors like:

  • Reduce complications in terms of level degeneration
  • Better overall outcomes

It means everything is much better and more effective than procedures used previously.

Corpectomy with fusion

In some cases, the degeneration might get worse on more than one level. With that, thick ligaments and a compressed spinal cord are likely. Well, it’s an essential part of surgical treatment to reconstruct the defective area with perfection.


Laminoplasty is another great procedure to rectify the OPLL (ossified posterior longitudinal ligament). The procedure makes a great choice for the spinal canal to widen the entire possible area. Most importantly, increase the spine stability with techniques that offer better results.


Sometimes the cervical disc prolapse can trigger in the neck region. The latest technique, like lamino-foraminotomy, is how to make a small incision. Take out the necessary disc fragment from that small area and compress the nerve.

Neuro and spine surgery are getting better with time

Indeed! The spine and neurosurgery have transformed a lot with time. The latest techniques and methods are the prominent reasons to improve patient’s overall health. In case, you are looking for a neurologist assistant near you, get hold of Dr. Jhawar to make everything effective and addressed with inventive methods.


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