VoIP vs Landline – Which is Best for Your Business?

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Every business needs to communicate with its clients, employees and customers to get in touch, share information and have other important discussions. In the very old days, businesses used landline phones for communication, but they faced so many problems while using them. There are some businesses that are still using landlines as a mode of communication. Businesses’ lifestyle along with customers’ lifestyles is changing and use the internet or online platform to perform almost every activity.

Businesses always try new technology and innovative methods, that’s why they are adopting online methods of communication. Telecom is the online way of communication on the internet. VoIP- voice over internet protocol is an example of Telecom. It is the latest and fastest way of communication. When a business has to choose a communication mode there are so many factors to consider like cost, feature, reliability and effectiveness etc. Telecom, especially VoIP, is evolving fast and changing the way we communicate and is becoming the new standard business phone system.

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What is VoIP?

VoIP refers to Voice over Internet Protocol, it was created to help businesses in a variety of ways. It entails the transfer of information, multimedia, and speech through the internet. VoIP allows users to make calls, send and receive texts, and send and receive multimedia over the internet using a computer, smartphone, or another device. It functions similarly to a telephone, except instead of using a wire, it uses an internet connection. It is particularly advantageous for companies since working teams do not need to connect with one another using numerous different programmes and modes; instead, they can simply utilize Voice over Internet Protocol to converse and share information with one another.

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VoIP Characteristics and features:

Voice over internet protocol serves the businesses in so many ways and has some distinct features which make it unique from other communication modes.

  • Virtual receptionist: When your client makes a call that call is firstly received by the system’s default recorded receptionist, this receptionist asks about the main detail and requires you to press the particular key for further proceeding.
  • Automatic call forwarding: After asking about basic details the system automatically transfers your call to the relevant person.
  • 3-digit dialling: This cloud-based telecom system gives a three-digit emergency number. By this, you can make a quick call without waiting.
  • Voicemail to email: This system allows you to send mail in the form of text or you can also send a voice message to the relevant person. Just record your problem in your voice, there is no need for typing and trying to express your issue. All you need to do is just record a voice note and send it to the business.
  • Low cost: Once you have availed the services of cloud-based telecom as your communication tool, it will be for the life. You do not need to worry about further additional calls.
  • Connect from anywhere: In the case of a landline as we know there is the copper wire used for connection and you are bound to the place where there is a line assembled, But with a VoIP telephone system, you can go anywhere within the range of the internet and can make or receive calls. You are not bound to one place.
  • Sound quality: In cloud-based telecom sound quality is better than a landline. On a landline, the voice distorts when the weather is rainy, windy or clumsy, due to disturbance in wires. But it does not affect cloud-based telecom due to severe weather conditions.
  • Better functionality, Cloud-based telecom like VoIP has more functions than a landline. They have a voice call function, sending multimedia, voice notes, storing data and analyzing the data option.
  • Technology: They are using the latest techniques and keep on adopting new technologies and trends to serve their customers even better.
  • Reliability: These cloud-based telecommunication systems are more reliable than landline phones because there is no need for a separate device to link with others. You can use any computer or laptop to communicate through internet telephony. If one system is down you can use another system or even a smartphone to get in touch.
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The landline telephone system was first introduced in 1876 and has mostly stayed unaltered since then. These telephones function by transmitting signals from one phone to another through copper cable. It uses a network of physical switch boxes, making them dependable and speedy. However, maintenance may be difficult and time-consuming.

Characteristics and Feature:

Landline is the oldest means of communication used in businesses for communicating with clients, customers and employees. Landline mode is more authentic and reliable because of such features.

  • Consistent quality: In landline communication, there is no fear of dropping calls due to loss of internet connection. Once connecting to the call, its quality remains the same throughout the call.
  • Technology: landline phones made a few changes in it as the time passes like the CLI phone where you can read the ID of the Caller. The fax machine where you send documents etc.
  • Cost: Landline phones were a little costly. If you want to make a call must have a separate landline device to pick up the call. The copper wires, their installation and breakage increase their cost.

Landline Or VoIP which is best for your business?

Are you going to start a new business and look for the best communication tool? You should consider a few things while adopting one, cost, quality and reliability. After analyzing all three aspects VoIP is considered the best communication tool for your business because it is less expensive than a landline once a cloud-based system has been installed there is no further cost, and its quality and features are much better than a landline because of the latest technology. Reliability of VoIP UK is more as, after installation, you can easily upgrade and maintain your system whenever you want or when there is a need. Overall if you are a fast-growing company it is worth considering cloud-based telecommunication like VoIP.

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