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Vape Boxes – The Liquid Heaven

Packaging that Suits your Product

Packaging is never one fit for all. It is always customised according to the product. Vape boxes have similar demand. Custom vape boxes are prepared as per the dimension and type of vapes. Depending upon the design and form of vape, vape boxes are prepared. Few common types of vape boxes include:

  • Pen Vape boxes
  • Vape oil boxes
  • Vape cartridge boxes
  • Multi-vapes gift boxes
  • Vape kits packaging
  • Vape mods packaging
  • Vape bottle packaging
  • Dank vape boxes

Advanced Level of Cigarette

Both cigarettes and Vape Boxes contain highly addictive nicotine. Smoking has been shown to cause cancer that can kill you whereas vaping has been shown to cause serious lung disease that in turn can lead to death. Vaping is a relatively new trend, and it is still under research how much it impacts your health. Many vape products are unlabeled to disclose that they contain nicotine. The difference between cigarettes and tobacco is that cigarettes release nicotine by burning tobacco while Vaping supplies nicotine with an electronic liquid, which is a much less harmful route.

Why Vape is Dangerous

One of the biggest dangers of vaping is that you don’t even know what you’re inhaling. After inhaling vapor, the lungs show damage similar to chemical burns. Not from years of vaping, but from a very short time. One of the other dangers of vaping is not knowing what are the components of the vaping pen. Many people consume marijuana with vapes.

Every Small Thing Matters

If you don’t play well with the packaging, consider your game is over. The first interaction between a customer and brand is the packaging. If it doesn’t resonate well with the customer and isn’t appealing enough, you cannot expect a boost in your sales. Packaging may be a small thing for you but it matters a lot!!

How does Custom Vape Boxes help?

Custom vape boxes act as a marketing tool just like social media marketing. It is your custom packaging that makes you different from your competitors. Not only it helps in making new customers but it is also useful in maintaining your old customers. It helps in boosting sales by making brand trust and reliability.

The Best Material for Custom Vape Packaging Boxes

Materials are of foremost important when packaging is concerned. It represents the quality of the brand. It should be strong and durable yet stylish and appealing. Common materials used for vape boxes include:

  • Card stock material
  • Rigid packaging material
  • Eco-friendly Kraft packaging boxes
  • Corrugated packaging material
  • Flat packaging box
  • Gluing packaging material

Top Shape and Design of the Vape Boxes

Different shapes of vape bottles demand different designs and shapes of boxes. Some trendy vape box designs include:

  • Tuck-end Box
  • Sleeve Box
  • Two-Piece Box
  • Mailer Box
  • Display Box
  • Seal-end Box

Why Choose Us

When you are opting for customization and custom packaging, there are a few factors that need consideration. An ideal custom packaging company shouldn’t only promise the quantity but the quality too. The features that make OXO Packaging different from other packaging companies is that we do not compromise on our quality. We provide free custom box designing by our versatile designers. We promise to provide the best quality Display Boxes in the most affordable rates and astonishingly it doesn’t even slow the delivery as we provide swift delivery. We understand the importance of customisation for your brand since it’s the main tool to graph up your sales and make your brand prominent in a market full of competitors. So, choose for all your packaging needs either Display boxes or any other and we promise that you’ll surely be happy with your decision of choosing us!!

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