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Unparalleled Functionalities of SuiteCRM Global Hide Manager

If there is no Iron-Tight security for your Customer data in CRM software then there is no staggering growth in your firm. 

Data leaks are prevalent, but people take this lightly and become the victim of Data loss. 

No one is responsible except you because you promise to customers to keep their data safe for a lifetime. We agree that CRM is unprecedented and is powerful enough to keep you safe but no one wants to take any risk at all. 

This is why your CRM software needs SuiteCRM Global Hide Manager (Premium). 

Investing in better Products always provides good results and keeps your business safe and healthy. Plugins will play the role of a Soldier if your CRM software is a King. But why only Global Hide managers for data safety? 

Global Hide Manager Definition

If you don’t want to meet with the situation of “Data stealing”, invest in this plugin which plays an essential role in hiding the critical information of your customers. Hiding such details will never leave you in trouble. Your CRM business must have this Plugin because daily you deal with a myriad of customers. Better to strengthen your firm loaded with powerful extensions. 

Last month we saw a post on Social media that one of the prospects faced the situation of Data loss in CRM software. He got a few crucial clients but no one was dealing currently because he failed to keep their data safe. Data loss harms not only clients but also tarnishes your business brand. And of course, losing a client is irksome. The person asked for future control of what his firm needs to do? 

We guided him and shared SuiteCRM Global Hide Manager (Premium) Product. Now he is getting a delightful experience from this. Whatever he gets, he hides the sensitive information of his clients. Even it is simple for him to hide the Records. The company is saved now from istanbul escort doom. 

How much does it may Cost you?

Security of the Data matters the most. One-time investment to get great advantages for a lifetime. Buy now for just $499.00 and get Lifetime support. 

The exciting part is you can start with a 3 Day Risk-Free Trial. Make a decision according to that. We love to provide a Free Product Tour service. Simple to understand this Extension Configuration and Installation. 

Ready to know more about its features for your CRM software?

The Identity of a secure product is it is full of unmatched functionalities to outgrow the company. Check out the list below-

  • Let’s begin with the superlative feature: a business can now hide and disable fields based on Hyperlink, ID, Class, and Index. The Premium version of Global Hide Manager is helping you to get the function. 
  • Your Business team can quickly hide the values in the List, Edit, and Detail view. Best way to save everything and work with no fret. 
  • A top-grade function of SuiteCRM Global Hide Manager is hiding the Records based on their status. Easy for everyone to hide from any module like Leads, Opportunities, etc. 
  • For better security, your company can hide and Unhide Buttons, Fields, and Sections. No complicated process! Simple to do to keep everything safe and secure from everyone. 
  • One more fascinating function is hiding or encrypting records. You can hide the starting or ending characters. For example: ###900045 or 97173#####. 

You daily use SuiteCRM software for managing the customers and to forge strong bonds with the clients. Investing in an Underrated Plugin for your SuiteCRM means you are closer to your business success and growth. Try Hide Manager Add-on and take advantage of all its functionalities. 

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Outright Store provides easy installation and better features products related to SuiteCRM and SugarCRM software. Our developers have built several extensions that provide mind-blowing functionalities and make every operation hassle-free. We are experienced in the CRM industry and we have shared the best suitable services with every business.

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