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The Inception of Social Media Marketing

Communicating with relatives and friends outside your hometown has been a significant concern ever since centuries. As social creatures, human beings depend on communication to boost their relationships personally and professionally. Talking about professional interactions, don’t you think social media has a sheer role in boosting an enterprise’s marketing? Here’s what the historical highlights of social media marketing have to state.

Prior to the boom of social media, marketers believed that social media marketing had been just a fad or a passing trend. However, with different media platforms beginning to attract attention. More strategies related to social media business advertisement got developed.

Social media has become a marketing tool in today’s digital-centric era. Allowing established and start-ups firms to gain a competitive edge without spending much of their capital on marketing.

Here’s a small historical highlight of social media marketing

Before the rise of social media, netizens between the 70s & 80s spent time on social networks such as dating sites. Between 1995 and 2002, the Internet started gaining importance as a viable marketing tool. And it started with search marketing that prompted brands to create sites and establish their digital presence. With the rise of web 2.0 sites and blogs, marketers started to recognize the significance of content marketing.

By 2004, the advent of social media websites initiated the shift of Internet users from multiplayer games to networking websites. That has made businesses pick up on the positive effects of the social media business website presence on the e-commerce, thereby creating their media business handles on the networking websites.

In today’s age, customers’ attitude toward social marketing has gradually undergone a change in business preference – from more aggressively-proactive marketing to reactive inbound advertising strategies. These strategies are best understood by the best Social Media Marketing Company in India.

How effective has social media marketing become today?

Approximately 90% of marketing experts nowadays use social networks as part of their marketing strategy, and competitive entities use digital marketing for rebranding, generating leads, retaining customers, analytics, and e-commerce. Digital networks not only manage to dramatically cut marketing prices as well as the time required to advertise goods & services, but it equally manage to boost marketing efforts and total client happiness.

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Consumers that raise concerns on the brand’s social media business page, and receive a response, claim that they have been happy — this aided businesses in retaining more consumers, resulting in higher existing client transactions. Today, companies can hire a Social Media Services agency that manages Internet PPC ad campaigns, including SEO, design, implementation, etc.

The human impulse to connect alongside the developments in the Internet age has spurred the rise of social media. That’s a narrative about making and maintaining strong interaction on a large scale. But talking about the future of social media, it’s limited solely by stakeholders’ imagination. The industry’s limited history has demonstrated that fast change — technological improvements, more stringent financial demands, altering cultural factors — will reshape the existing social media ecosystem. So, this was a brief history of social media marketing.

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