Simon’s Journey: How Drug Addiction Took Him Away from His Family

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Adolescence is a period full of pitfalls for most young people. It is a time when they are continually searching for who they are and what they want. It sometimes happens that the path taken leads them far from the one they had imagined or even started to trace. For these young people who choose to come to Clean and Clear advantage Recovery to get out of drug addiction, the finish line may seem very far, even unattainable.

So, to put it within their reach, Clean and Clear advantage Recovery workers are working to help them acquire 21 skills that will be used in their rehabilitation. Each young person, in their own way, will use all these skills as their battle horse to overcome their limits and achieve their goals.

Before Carrying

Simon, 17, has tried several times to break the cycle of addiction. “Before arriving in Clean and Clear advantage Recovery, I spent nine and a half months in the rehab centers near me. Then, I had several placements for 2 to 3 months followed by a few outings at home. Nothing was working for me; it was a failure over failure. The methods used vary from center to center.

Arrival at Clean and Clear advantage Recovery

“The young people who are in the center are obliged to be there. In Simon’s case, he is here voluntarily, but strongly recommended by the court,” says Hakim, Simon’s worker in Clean and Clear advantage Recovery. Simon adds: “I decided to come to Clean and Clear advantage Recovery because it seemed to be the best option for me. If I don’t pass my program, I go back to the center until I come of age. On the other hand, if I succeed, I will be able to return home and resume my life.

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During Clean and Clear advantage Recovery

Since joining Clean and Clear advantage Recovery, Simon has worked on many aspects of himself. “ I worked on my behavior towards others, my aggressiveness, and my way of thinking. I also stopped caring. When I did something, I was not aware of the repercussions it was going to have on my life, but also on that of my family. I was doing it on a whim and didn’t realize there would be consequences.

For most Clean and Clear advantage Recovery residents, after spending some time within the center’s walls, something clicked. A spark, the one lost so long ago. Simon had it when he realized that the consequences of his bad decisions would be heavier because he was approaching the majority. “All the decisions I make will have a direct impact on me, and they will be more serious

What I learned at Clean and Clear advantage Recovery

I can say what I think, I am no longer afraid of disappointing anyone. After a little over six months of being supervised, structured, and advised, Clean and Clear advantage Recovery residents can count on support, even if their treatment at an alcohol rehab near me is over. “There is follow-up once a week in Montreal for six months. Once this step is completed, the meetings are spaced out every two weeks and after that, the meetings become monthly.


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