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Ozone Cleaning: What is it and how does it work?

Ozone cleaning has become one of the best alternatives to carry out an impeccable in-depth cleaning and disinfection work

Lately, there is a lot of talk about cleaning ozone in different spaces and surfaces. It is normal that you have doubts about this task. For this reason, in this SCS Group Cleaning Solution post, we want to tell you what ozone cleaning is and how it works.

And it is that ozone cleaning has become one of the best alternatives to carry out an impeccable in-depth cleaning and disinfection work, to eliminate any infectious agent, bacteria, virus, etc. in a wide variety of areas.

What is ozone cleaning?

If you want to know what ozone cleaning is, keep in mind that it is one of the most efficient cleaning options since ozone is an antioxidant element, capable of purifying, disinfecting, and eliminating pathogenic microorganisms such as fungi, viruses, bacteria, mold, spores, among others.

How does the ozone cleaning process work?

To know what ozone cleaning is and how it works, we must know what its process is like. I know all the cleaning treatments in which we used ozone as alternative cleaning practice.

This process allows ozone deodorization and disinfection to be carried out on surfaces and interior environments through air purification, with the use of ozone in a gaseous state.

It is also possible to generate ozonized water, to use it as an efficient disinfectant, which has no chemical residues and is very useful for treating all kinds of surfaces and foods.

1. Cleaning with ozone gas

If you want to know how ozone cleaning works, you should know that the process serves to leave a pleasant and purified environment, since it allows the different environments and surfaces to remain disinfected and free of bad odors.

These types of tasks provide great benefits to companies and businesses, since workers, clients, or any visitor, will enjoy purified air. In fact, after having carried out this process, it released only oxygen residues.

2. Cleaning with ozonated water

Cleaning with ozonized water, as a disinfectant, can be very helpful. This use does not leave polluting chemical residues in the places where it is applied, but only releases oxygen. For this reason, this treatment can be used on many surfaces, be it glass, mirrors, stainless steel, marble, or textiles, among many others.

We can use this water with ozone to clean without the need to apply other chemical products. This is because, by itself, it contains high levels of sanitation that allow its use, even in food.

In short, cleaning with ozone is recommended for high-traffic spaces such as schools, universities, or nurseries. As well as for cleaning hospitals, stores, and other businesses.

The advantages of ozone cleaning

If you want to know what ozone is and how to do ozone cleaning. You can’t help but learn about all its advantages. Ozone is a very useful element for carrying out different cleaning and disinfection, being specially recommended for industrial cleaning tasks.

Ozone cleaning is also very useful for disinfecting. Like air ducts, cleaning water tanks, cleaning cooling towers and condensers, or cleaning new work.

It is also very beneficial for cleaning cars, and kitchens or disinfecting hotels, hospitals, and nurseries, as well as being one of the main keys for office maintenance and cleaning today. It is that cleaning with ozone is applicable for both domestic and commercial.

Among the main advantages of cleaning with ozone, we can highlight:

Cleaning budget savings

This treatment can be of great help to the company. Not only to maintain a healthy space and to promote a pleasant work environment. This type of cleaning also benefits the company economically, since it reduces minor absenteeism during times of the coronavirus since the risks of suffering from diseases in this environment are reduced.

Ozone, compared to other chemical products that are used for deep cleaning and disinfection of utensils, machinery, and surfaces, among others, does not require the use of water to rinse the residues. This also allows significant savings in expenses for the use of water.

For all these reasons, we recommend the use of ozonized water for cleaning. Replacing other products and chemical components for carrying out in-depth disinfection.

It has no repercussions on health

This is one of the most important aspects of ozone cleaning and how it works. Ozone does not have the high polluting effects of some chemical cleaning products, so it does not put health at risk if we use it following the pertinent recommendations.

In addition, let us remember it is a type of cleaning, which considerably reduces the risk of contagion of bacterial and viral diseases, since this type of cleaning comprises a process, in which we purify the spaces thanks to the release of this component. .


This type of cleaning is more efficient than others since we can use it in spaces that are difficult to access or that are difficult to perceive, as with some implements, such as computer keyboards.

In addition, it is ideal for those surfaces that should not get wet. Like armchairs or carpets, because this element acts on any surface.

Among the effects of ozone cleaning, we must highlight the virucide, in which ozone molecules act on viruses and eliminate them. It also acts against bacteria, and kills them, preventing them from resurfacing again. Finally, we highlight its fungicidal effect, in which ozone kills spores that remain in the air, as well as fungi on surfaces.


Cleaning with ozone not only generates benefits for companies and individuals, we recommend for those who wish to have a quality comprehensive cleaning and disinfection service with ozone, without compromising the environment, since it does not produce chemical residues.


Ozone cleaning helps improve the environmental conditions of homes or workspaces. Preventing workers from suffering discomfort and demotivation at the work level.

Where to hire quality ozone cleaning services?

After knowing what this type of cleaning is and how it works, you have applied it to your spaces. At SCS Group Cleaning Solution we are experts in in-depth cleaning and disinfection tasks, and we offer you the best professionals with extensive experience in the sector.

If you need more information about our services. If you have any questions about our security measures due to covid-19, please contact us. We will be delighted to assist you.

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