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Online Ludo – More Than a Game of Chance

The legality of online games will always be questioned since they involve cash prizes. Whether winning at online games is a skill or a chance has been debated over the years with even the Bombay HC stepping in for resolution. Eventually, it was ruled that most online games involve creativity, making their presence legal in society. Over time, many new games have set their mark on this platform. Additionally, a lot of classic board games have also found their way into the online gaming market with one of them being Online Ludo.

The Prominence of Online Ludo

Being a classic board game, Ludo gained immediate popularity among avid gamers.

The rules of Ludo are simple to understand and execute; it is also one of the few games that keeps the momentum lively throughout the duration of play.

The mobile app downloads and online gaming data for Ludo has only skyrocketed since being made available to the people.

A lot of gaming companies have come up with their own variants to make the experience enjoyable and satisfactory for their players.

Before you opt for a source, make sure that you shop around and see the different variations of Ludo available online.

That way, you can be sure of receiving good value for the time you invest.

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Rules of Ludo

Played between a maximum of 4 players, the Ludo board is divided into four sections, all representing different colors – red, blue, green, and yellow.

The board also has 4 each tokens resembling the colors, which you choose as per your preference.

Each player then takes turns to roll the die and move their token based on the number rolled.

The objective is to take all the tokens to the endpoint and the one who does that wins the game.

Though the roll of dice may look like Ludo has more to with chance, the truth is that the game requires strategic maneuvering of the tokens in order to win.

Play Ludo with Real Money India

One of the reasons why Ludo draws players in large numbers is its ability to help them earn cash prizes, which often is not possible in the physical version of the game.

Their accessibility round-the-clock gives you the opportunity to earn cash at your convenience if you can manage to beat your adversaries.

Moreover, you can play Ludo with anyone around the world.

The websites and gaming apps assure an interactive platform giving their members a chance to communicate with each other.

It allows you to exchange information and learn about the strategy, something that you can also build upon with enough experience.

To ensure the smooth functioning of their platform, the professionals have 24/7 technical support to assist you with your technical dilemma.

If you are worried that winning cash prizes sounds too good to be true, you can play in free rooms without any charge.

Once you have the confidence to take the next step and play for money, do so.

Some websites and apps even offer registration and cashback bonuses that come in handy for players to get started.

Benefits of Playing Ludo Online

In addition to winning money, there are other advantages to playing Ludo.

Firstly, your abilities become active as you play with other members, who have their unique approaches.

Strategizing the results of your own move in your brain cells getting stimulated results in enhanced performance in your field of work.

Ludo also improves concentration as the game requires you to stay alert at all times.

Gradually, you will notice that you concentrate well on different aspects of your life, too.

Ludo also makes for an ideal entertainment factor when you have family or friends over for a gathering.

Ludo has been around for thousands of years and is vastly popular among active as well as non-active players.

You can get your snacks or your drinks and enjoy a day of playing Ludo with your friends.


There is no question that Ludo is one of the best board games to exist in the modern world.

Furthermore, playing it online and winning cash prizes tops its entertainment factor.

Make sure that you find the right source to play for cash prizes, and once you do, play in moderation.

On the AIO Games app you can play money earning games like Ludo, Call Break, and many other games, which will help you to earn money

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