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Online Consent Management & Monitoring System in Tripura

Pollution is the presence of undesirable materials or energy in an environment, usually referring to the presence of some kind of toxic or harmful chemicals in the air, water, and soil.

The term “pollution” contains three distinct concepts:

  1. Contamination – The presence of unwanted amounts of a substance, such as heavy metals from industrial waste dumping,
  2. Degradation – deterioration of the quality of something, such as the decline in air quality that results from pollution,
  3. Interference – being at odds with other sorts of activity taking place in an environment.

Air pollution is one of the most commonly observed types and can be caused by a variety of sources. These include activities such as agricultural burning, wood and coal extraction, industrial processes (including chemical manufacturing), motor vehicles, and residential heating.

Know about the Tripura

Tripura has experienced phenomenal growth in its economy over the last few decades; it has also become a major contributor to India’s global trade through its strategic location on the border with Bangladesh and Myanmar (Burma). The state is also home to several industries, including electronics and engineering components, garments and textiles, handicrafts, and food processing.

Functions of the Tripura State Pollution Control Board

The primary aim of the Tripura State Pollution Control Board is to enhance the quality of life by controlling water and air pollution, as well as noise pollution in the state. The board is also responsible for issuing licenses to factories, industries, hotels, and commercial establishments that may cause pollution. Industries that manufacture hazardous chemicals and need specific permissions from the government have to get them from the Tripura State Pollution Control Board. Here are some of the other functions of this board:

  • Providing assistance to local authorities in implementing environmental laws and regulations
  • Inspecting industries to assess whether they adhere to environmental laws or not
  • Checking if industrial units maintain necessary records and register with the board or not
  • Checking if commercial establishments maintain cleanliness in their surroundings
  • Carrying out research on environmental issues affecting life in the state
  • Preparing annual reports on environmental concerns in the state and submitting it to higher authorities in the government

Categories & Classification of Business Activities in Tripura State Pollution Control Board

The following standards are proposed for the classification of activities that may be considered as Red, Orange, or Green category industries. These standards are to be applied to all the categories of activities listed in Appendix-I. The concept of notifying different categories of industries/activities as Red, Orange, or Green is aimed at facilitating the implementation of environmental regulations in an effective manner by bringing transparency and predictability to the regulatory system. The following criteria are proposed for categorization:

  • Red Category: Industries/activities which have been identified as heavily polluting and covered under Central Action Plan (CAP)
  • Orange Category: Industries that have been identified as more polluting and covered under State Action Plan (SAP)
  • Green Category: Industries/activities that neither fall under the ‘Red’ nor ‘Orange’ category.

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