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Are you contemplating buying a LED mirror for your bathroom? The LED bathroom mirror is  a considerable inclusion in your bathroom accessories as they help in providing some required light while getting ready in the morning for going to the office or getting ready for a late night function. While buying a LED mirror, you need to keep a few things in mind like :-

The first thing is the dimensions of your wall, because you just do not want to place a mirror in your bathroom for the sake of just placing it wherever you feel like, a perfect size mirror is a must for a balanced look, but want to make your bathroom look more desirable than ever before.

 The second thing you need to keep in your mind while making a purchase is the type of mirror design you want for your bathroom and a design that will suit its interior the best.

The third thing is, if you have multiple sinks in your bathroom, consider buying medium size mirrors for each sink.

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The last and the most important is, if you want a mirror that gives you storage, go for a LED bathroom mirror with storage where you can keep your toiletries and medicines safe and clean-Dymoblog.

You might think “blehh, it’s just a mirror, what is there to think about it a lot?” but don’t you want a crystal clear reflection to see exactly how you are looking? It also makes sures to make your space look much more attractive and spacious. The LED mirror designs at Glazonoid are worth your glance, time and money.  The LED mirror designs we make at our company are :-

Framed mirrors

Framed mirrors which are available in various different styles which can be simple and modern.  Frameless mirrors  which have polished edges and are best for the modern day decors-Dymoblog

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Lighted mirrors which support the inbuilt light feature through which the light doesn’t directly hit the eyes and makes it easy to concentrate around the mirror while getting ready or putting on makeup.

Mirrors with cabinets that come with the storage facility to store your essential and medicines safe and hygienic.

Pivot mirrors that are mounted on the wall with two hinged points so that you can rotate or tilt the mirror to an angle which is best suitable to you.

Ledge mirrors that are used especially for the storage purposes of your favourite decorative items like small plants, scented candles etc.

Along with LED mirror designs we also have an amazing collection of bathroom mirror designs like :-

LED lighted wall mirror which gives a pleasant look to your bathroom. It reflects a very beautiful soft and warm glow from behind the frosted glass and also supports the touch sensor feature. It comes with different colour options, you can choose according to your needs and mood.

Bathroom / Hollywood mirror

Bathroom / Hollywood mirror  that gives a magnified look which is necessary for you while putting on your makeup. After installing the  Hollywood mirror you do need any extra lighting or ring lights. A Hollywood mirror provides you with the lighting you need.

Lighted bathroom / Vanity mirror which has got the gorgeous illumination which is quick to install and is fitted with bright white LED lights which provides you with a long lifetime of this mirror and a perfect brightness needed for your makeup.

Frameless lighted bathroom mirrors are enriched with all the features that you need in a mirror. It has a touch sensor, light colour and brightness changing feature, anti fog function, copper free .

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LED mirrors with Bluetooth

LED mirrors with Bluetooth speakers are an ideal choice for you if you are someone who enjoys listening to your favourite music while taking a shower or getting ready. They have in-built high quality audio and the audio can be controlled from your bluetooth. They have an amazing pairing capability. It is a fantastic mirror to be added in your bathroom or any room-Dymoblog.

Hollywood mirror with lights has got the perfect look and brightness that will compliment any vanity or salon. Mirror is a little wider than the rest of your mirrors. It is perfect for large spaces and very easy to install. Hollywood mirror has a lovely pattern of lights in and around the corners of the mirror which helps in giving a more defined vision.

Glazonoid being one of the biggest manufacturers of automated LED mirror companies of India. Provides its customers with the ease of doorstep deliveries. The mirrors match and compliment any decor that you might want to fit them in.

Available in every possible shape, even the one drawn by hand. Our new designs give the fancy modern aesthetic that everyone is yearning for. As for the size, relax! We cater needs from as small as 6 inches to as large as 120 inches. So, why wait when we are here?


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