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Home Improvement

How to unclog a Pipe?

Pipe Unclog Tips

Unclog a Pipe:

Maintaining a home means making repairs as problems arise. Some repairs can be postponed, others not. Clogged drains are among the priority repairs. You still need to know how to unclog a pipe easily without having to call a plumber. Here are some simple solutions to unclog your pipes.

1. Conventional Weapons:

Faced with a clogged pipe, the first reflex to have is to use the plunger. To do this, pour hot water into the offending pipe, and use the unblocker to exert strong and repeated pressure. Pull the suction cup backwards, then forwards, taking care to lift it off the ground as little as possible. It must form a watertight dome with the surface of the floor (or sink).

This type of tool works well if you want to unclog a sink or small pipes. For a larger pipe or one with a more significant obstruction, it is necessary to move on to more drastic methods.

2. Grandma’s Recipes:

If the plunger is not enough, the time has come to opt for baking soda. All means are good for disintegrating the cork that is causing the problem. Blockages are sometimes caused by hair, food scraps, or the like. In such cases, a clever mix may suffice.

In a cup, pour baking soda up to a third, then a little salt, then top up with a third of vinegar. The mixture will start foaming immediately. It must be poured into the pipe without waiting for the chemical reaction to end. Leave for an hour, or even overnight, then flush the pipes with hot water. Another solution would be to put as much baking soda and salt as possible directly into the drain and add the vinegar afterwards.

3. Caustic soda:

The method is similar to the previous technique, but the recipe differs. Wear gloves and protective goggles before starting. Note that caustic soda can cause chemical burns and should therefore be used with caution. Pour cold water into a plastic bucket up to three quarters. Then spill some caustic soda into the bucket of water (three small cups should be enough). Mix with a wooden spoon. When it starts to foam and heat up, pour the mixture down the drain and let it sit for about 30 minutes at most. Rinse with boiling water. 10 Plumbing Jobs You Can do it yourself

4. The hanger, ferret or Auger:

The ferret is a metal rod equipped with brushes long enough to enter the pipe and disintegrate the blockage. Just rub to win. If you don’t have a ferret, you can use other tools. The coat hanger is a simple and ingenious alternative.

Take a clothes hanger and straighten it as much as possible. Then form a hook at one end by twisting it. All that remains is to enter the pipe and look for the clog. If resistance is felt, circular motions should be used to hook parts of the cork and bring them to the surface. Always raise the elements to the surface, and do not push them deeper, at the risk of compacting the cork even more.

A similar technique is the use of the auger. This tool, specially designed for this type of circumstance, will allow you to hang the cork thanks to the rotating spiral which is at the end of its long pipe. Its use is effective, but requires a certain know-how. However, the auger has a better reach than the coat hanger or the ferret.

5. Open the pipe and clean it:

If nothing works, then the only alternative left is to clean the drain. This technique is particularly effective for washbasins and sinks. After placing an empty bucket under the sink pipe, use an adjustable wrench to unscrew.

The water in the hose should fall into the bucket without dirtying the room. Then use any suitable tool to clean the pipe and remove the clog. A ferret or brush might do the trick. Get a Clean Drain in Lubbock Tx

6. Pull out all the stops:

It is possible to obtain high-pressure cleaners that will unclog the pipe by emitting high-pressure water jets to disintegrate the blockage. They can normally be rented from a hardware store.

If you don’t have one, another ingenious solution exists if you have a liquid vacuum cleaner capable of providing a great suction force. Indeed, by showing creativity and resourcefulness, you can tinker with a new face for this vacuum cleaner, using an old suction cup. The suction cup will then be placed on the pipe, taking care to make the contact surface as airtight as possible. Then, just turn on the vacuum cleaner and put it on maximum power.

This technique does not always work, but it is the last resort before having to call a plumber.

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