How to Leverage Digital Technology in Your Tender Opportunities Hunt

We are in an era where technology is becoming an integral part of every industry. This can be seen more and more in commerce – with businesses all over the world going digital. Today, it is even harder to find an industry or field that is not dependent on technological tools. In other words, it’s almost impossible to go on with your life ignoring the advantages that technology can bring upon your business.

Fortunately, even the procurement industry couldn’t be immune to the influence of digitization. The traditional form the process has taken so far is long gone. Now that it’s digital, it’s become easier and more accessible.

To clarify, now you’ll definitely not have to explore every local newspaper to find a tender notice relevant to your business. As a starter, you can find tender notices on the announcer organization website. However, the main dish is the tender portals.

online Tender portals are your best friend when it comes to finding tenders and business opportunities. Before we spill the how, let’s first see what these tender portals are. 

What is an online tender portal?

Tender portals are information aggregators which facilitate the tendering journey for businesses and experts. They maintain the mission of providing information about the market through a process of collecting, analyzing, and sorting national and international tender data. The platforms perform this procedure daily. Wherein they track and scan public notices and different administration portals, then process about 600 and 700 announcements per day. The data collected is afterwards classified and labeled by market analysts according to the sector of activity.    

Practically, you’ll get hold of a complete package of information about calls or requests for tenders, architect competitions and their respective results, notices of unsuccessfulness, and contract awards.

 Now that you have an idea about what tender portals are, let’s dwell on whether or how they can actually help win contracts.

Can online tender portals help you win contracts?

Tender websites and mobile apps are designed to make the tendering process more efficient and practical. They make information about the market easily accessible, thus helping suppliers and project owners find business opportunities in real time. 

However, as a business owner you know that every move counts. Therefore, you’ll have to be picky when you choose the tender portal that will assist you while you compete for contracts.

Essentially, a trusted source of information and an effective range of services, all in one portal, is what you need.

To illustrate, we mention these features that you must find in an online portal that would really make a difference in your participation in a tender.

A customizable search engine:

One primary criterion that should be available on every tender website is a custom search engine and news feed. You do not want to lose your time looking for sector related information whenever you access the website. A great tender website will automatically display top tenders data according to your interests and field once you select them when you sign up.

A user-friendly mobile app:

Access the list of all architectural competitions, tenders, consultations, business opportunities, contract awards from your phone with one online tenders app that also keeps you updated with a notifications service. Too good to be true, right? But this is the standard you need to save time and grab all the business opportunities there are.

 E-legal advice:

If you were a first timer in the procurement industry, you’ll definitely need a guide. A legal advisor that the web portal assigns for you would supply you with the legislative framework governing the tender process. With their expertise and knowledge of all the ins and outs of the market, they will make sure your performance is consistent and follows all the procedures according to the Procurement law of the country. 


Bidding on calls for tenders can significantly increase turnover for businesses of any size, regardless of their development stage. Proper preparation is, however, necessary to maximize the chances of success in this rigorous process. Relying on an online tender platform can save you lots of time and actually optimize your chances of winning contracts.

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