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Arts and Entertainment

How to draw the Steven universe

How to draw the Steven universe

Discover how to draw a great Steven universe with simple drawing and step-by-step instructions, and a video tutorial. You can now easily create a magnificent drawing ideas of the Steven universe. But it is not an average person. It is the mixture of an extraterrestrial known as a “jewel” and a normal person. Precious stones are extraterrestrials that project a body of light around a magical jewel. They protect the land from monsters and their colleagues from the world of origin.


His mother German, lies in Steven’s navel. As such, Steven shows some of the powers of precious stones. He can invoke a panel, create a field of power, cure others with his saliva, create and control, float, hover, shape, use deadly with his tears, use telepathy, project yourself and combine with other creatures to train Powerful “mergers.” Steven is the title of Steven Universe by Cartoon Network. It was called “toxic counterfeit” because it is a male character with soothing properties such as friendliness and empathy.


Steven Universe characters have been published in other cartoons, including Uncle Grandpa. Books and other goods are also available. Do you want to draw the Steven universe? This simple tutorial and step-by-step-by-cartoon step are there to help you.


Drawing by Steven Universe

Step 1:

First, describe the shape of the face and head of Steven. Use curved “C” formed lines to describe the ear, cut, forehead and jaw.

Step 2:

Develop a few straight lines parallel to the outside of the neck base and below the arm being described. Use narrow “U” lines to form your fingers and lock your hand. Use short lines to complete the head completely, delimit the end of the sleeve on the arm, and describe the palm.

Step 3:

Develop the parallel lines on the opposite side of the head and below and form the remaining arm. Close your fingers and hand with a narrow “U” formed. Details the end of the round and the palm of the curved lines.

Step 4:

Draw vertical lines curved under your arms, ride with them and outline your stomach. Draw a horizontal curved line between you to distinguish the bottom of the shirt from the top of the pants.

Step 5:

Use curved lines to sketch the leg, fold on the knee, and lock the foot. Draw a few curved lines directly on foot and form the cuff of the pants. Use several curved lines to sketch the straps and the sandal’s sole and distinguish the toes.

Step 6:

Draw the remaining leg, sketch it with curved lines and detail the cuffs, sandals, and toes. Draw a few vertical curved lines at the top of the pants to display the zipper.

Step 7:

Decorate the t-shirt by drawing a star five times on the chest.

Step 8:

Use many curved lines connected to close the hair from one side of the head and culminates on the opposite şişli escort

Step 9:

How to draw the Steven universe

Here are the full details of the face. Enter a large curved shape to display your mouth. Use curved lines to include your teeth and tongue. Draw a large oval to form your eyes, with a small shaded oval to display the students. Use curved lines to close your eyebrows and display your nose.

Step 10:

How to draw the Steven universe

Color your character. Its shirt and sandals are pink with a yellow star, its blue jeans.

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