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Digital Marketing

How To Build More Backlinks To Your Website?

Build More Backlinks


Do you need to find out how many backlinks your competitors have? How many backlinks are on your web pages? And How to you locate backlinks to any page or website? This post will show you how to systematically discover backlinks through inbound marketing techniques and possibilities using SE Ranking.

Let’s get started!

1. Open SE Ranking Backlinks Checker Tool

Software like SE Ranking Backlink Checker is commonly used for link-building campaigns, backlink audits, and other aspects of off-page SEO since it provides comprehensive data on the backlink profile of the studied website.

If you are already familiar with certain SEO tools, you should be able to follow along; the methods are the same, but the tool names and interfaces vary.

2. Enter Domain You Want To Find Backlinks

The second step in finding out how to locate backlinks to a page and website is to input the domain into the SE Ranking Backlink Checker tool. Now that you have an open SE Ranking Backlink Checker tool, you can input the domain you wish to examine.

In contrast, you should switch the option from “domain” to “URL” if you’re interested in analyzing only one page inside a domain rather than the domain as a whole. In this manner, connections to a certain page within your site, rather than the full domain, will be acquired.

3. Choose The Right Report

When learning how to identify backlinks to a website, the following step is to choose a report that best fits your needs.

When the SE Ranking Backlink Checker finishes loading the data, you will get a high-level overview of the website or web page backlink profile under scrutiny. Here you may view data on the page or website’s number of backlinks, referring domains, links to the homepage or other pages, dofollow/nofollow ratio, and the quantity of Edu and gov connections.

In this section, you will get the following report: 

#Report Of Referring Domains

The SE Ranking Backlink Checker’s referring domain report is the first report it generates. All the domains linking to the examined site or URL are displayed here, along with other useful data like the date of the first backlink, the number of backlinks, and the domain trust.

#Report Of Link Analysis

The second report displays the inbound links that lead to the website or web page that was studied. Visit, this link is for you if you want to learn how to build high quality backlinks to your website frequently. 

#Report on Anchor Text

In addition to the Rank and Domain reports, SE Ranking Backlink Checker now provides an Anchor Text report. Finding anchor texts that point to a page or website is more important than tracking down inbound connections.

#Reporting on Pages

The Sites report is the final in SE Ranking Backlink Checker, and it lists the best pages according to backlinks and referring domains.

4. Find Your Competitors Backlinks

Identifying backlinks to any website or webpage can also help you locate your closest rivals, whose link-building practices will highlight the most effective methods for constructing inbound connections to your own site.

Therefore, you should use this data to influence your strategy for developing links. Consequently, you might discover your closest rival in a number of methods. However, being as how we will be utilizing SE Ranking in this article, allow me to demonstrate how you may utilize SE Ranking to locate nearby competitors:

5. Make A Decision On Link-Building Strategy 

Scan your rivals’ websites and conduct a backlink study to learn more about their successful link-building tactics in your market.

It will serve as the basis for your link development strategy and plan. Even if you didn’t check out your competitors’ backlink profiles, you would get a list of very simple yet effective link-building tactics to get you started.

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