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How can I sharpen a Damascus kitchen knife?

We sell over 200 upgraded kitchen knives with a Damascus steel blade. Damascus steel is steel made up of several layers of steel forged one on top of the other. Damascus steel production is a true art. With this technique, each knife is unique because each pattern is different. Therefore, it is not so surprising that some people ask if a Damascus steel blade can be sharpened. The answer is short and easy.

You can easily sharpen a knife with a blade made of Damascus steel. In fact: there is no difference between sharpening a knife with Damascus steel and a knife with any other type of steel. The only thing we would like to add is: to be careful.

After all, a Damascus kitchen knife is usually beautiful and it’s a shame if it gets scratched on the blade. So if you know how to sharpen a kitchen knife, you also know how to sharpen a Damascus blade. Don’t you know how to sharpen a kitchen knife? Keep reading!

Different sharpening methods.

There are many ways to sharpen your kitchen knives. Each method has its techniques depending on the desired results.

Do you want your knives to be razor-sharp? Do you like to spend hours of your time practicing to perfect your skills? If the answer is yes, we recommend using sharpening stones. They will certainly leave you with a razor-sharp edge.

Don’t want to waste too much time? If so, try a sharpener or electric sharpener. Want to vary sharpening angles without having to guess if you have the right one? Take a look at our sharpening systems manual. For daily maintenance, we recommend sharpening steel. And with a good leather strop, you can give your knives the final touch: you will make them shine like never before.


  • You can not sharpen a Damascus steel blade with a steel sharpening steel. These knives usually have a hardness of 59 HRC or higher. Therefore, the steel of the knife is harder than the steel of the sharpener, which means that you could damage both.
  • For each sharpening method, we have enough instruction videos and informative topics to help you.

Damascus kitchen knives maintenance

We advise you to always wash your kitchen knives by hand, especially if you have Damascus knives. The aggressive detergents in a dishwasher tablet can cause irreparable damage to your knife.

Detergent affects hardened steel and plastic materials and can leave you with rusty blades and dual handles.

Also, your knife will most likely come into contact with other hard objects in the dishwasher. In the cutlery, for example. This could damage the edge of the knife and affect its sharpness. But that is not all. If you don’t turn on the dishwasher right away, leftover food (spices, herbs, sauces) can damage the blade and cause staining.

The combination of all the aspects mentioned above will allow you to understand why we advise you to wash all your kitchen knives by hand.

Damascus Kitchen Knife Storage.

Never keep kitchen knives loose in the kitchen drawer. If you put a knife in a drawer, you run the risk of it coming into contact with other hard objects, such as your cutlery tray. Therefore, burrs may appear on the edge. Not exactly conducive to sharpening your knife. Furthermore, Damascus kitchen knives are true works of art that deserve to be seen! If possible, use a knife guard, a wooden knife block, or preferably a good magnetic knife holder that you can use to proudly display your kitchen knives.

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