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How Can I Locate Phone by Number?

If you’ve lost a cell phone, there are a variety of ways to locate it. There are apps, websites, and maps that can help you find it. These include Family Orbit, MLocator, Google Maps, and Intelius. If it’s difficult for you to pick a right one, simply follow this guide and learn how to locate phone by number.

Google Maps

If you have an Android device, you’ve probably used Google Maps at some point. It’s a free application, and it’s pre-installed on most phones. It’s also the most popular mapping application in the U.S., so it’s no wonder most Americans use it to get around town. The best part is that you don’t need to download anything extra to make it work.

Once you’ve signed into your Google Account, simply turn the location-sharing function on, and your phone will always show you where you are. You also can send location request to track someone’s location. It lets you see real-time location and even get their contact details, including name, address, and other details.

Another benefit of Google Maps is that it keeps track of where you are and shows you nearby businesses. The default view is Street View, but you can switch to terrain or satellite views if you want to view specific structures, streets, or features in the landscape. If you’re concerned about your children or want to keep an eye on someone, Google Maps can help you track down their location in real alanya escort time.


MLocator is a powerful mobile locator with a wide range of features. The tool can pinpoint the exact location of a cell phone in real-time. It works by activating GPS system on the smartphone. You can send unlimited geolocation request and get desired result.

The service offers a user-friendly interface where you simply enter the phone number and estimated country. Currently, it supports a majority of phone numbers in the world. It is completely confidential, though queries are recorded for safety purposes and abuse prevention. Regardless of whether the app is free or paid, it has some advantages over the competition.

MLocator works on Android and iOS and supports most common platforms. It receives the location informationF from the resource and reflects it on a map. Using this data, users can see a target device’s precise location in the map. Once this data is obtained, it is then stored in encrypted form on the resource’s servers.


Intelius is one of the leading providers of public records, and its large database enables you to lookup any phone number. You can use the site to search for a number, or download the mobile apps for Android or iOS. Both apps will let you perform a reverse phone lookup and trace a number’s location. This will enable you to find out more about the owner of a number.

In addition to its name search feature, Intelius also offers a range of other search functions. It can look up people by name, address, and even social media accounts. It can even trace a number’s carrier, allowing you to find out the person’s age and location.

The website also allows you to track the location of a cell phone using history location data, WiFi connection, and cell tower triangulation. The interface is very friendly and easy to use. Simply input the phone number and county, click on search, and within seconds, you can see the location of the phone. If the area is locked, you can even find out the number’s location on a map.

Apple’s phone locator

Apple’s Find My iPhone lets you track a lost or stolen device without installing any third-party app. The app provides a map and detailed directions to its location. It even sends a sound when it’s nearby. You can also choose to receive an alert when the lost or stolen device is found.

To use this service, you’ll first have to sign in to your iCloud account. You can then use the app to track a phone, and it’ll send you a notification when it’s found. The app also features a mark-as-lost option.

The process is end-to-end encrypted and anonymous. Only you and the device owner can view the location of a device, making it a safe and reliable solution for both consumers and business users. Apple iPhones, Apple Watch Series 6, HomePod Mini, and Apple Watch Series 6 devices have the U1 chip, which helps deliver more accurate location information.

You can also locate your phone by using Apple’s Watch. The device will emit a pinging noise to help you locate your phone. The only drawback is that it only works once, so you have to keep tapping the icon to keep the pinging going.

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