Hiring Professional Accountants for Your Taxes

In recent years, many US citizens have chosen Professional Accountants to live and work in the UK for tax purposes. Many business and professional leaders have made the move in order to free up their resources for more successful business ventures overseas. By doing so, they have potentially reduced their UK tax bill every year. Unfortunately, many of these same individuals and companies have chosen to overlook one important factor when filing their taxes: whether they should hire Accountants in the UK. The purpose of this article is to explain why accountants (and other tax professionals) are an important part of any business or professional decision-making in the UK.

Basic Allowance

While Americans currently have to double check their taxes each year, the UK residents tend to only have to file one single tax return. This single return, known as the Basic Allowance, is supported by either a personal allowance or a business allowance. These allowances are based on various factors, including an individual’s net salary and dependents, as well as the location of the business and its address. While US citizens and resident aliens are generally exempt from paying inheritance tax, new tax laws recently implemented in 2021 allow couples to claim a tax credit equal to 50 percent of the estate and assets transferred to the UK recipient.

Absconded from UK Tax Law

A majority of individuals and families currently filing taxes in the UK do not fully understand their full tax implications, which can result in excessive tax liabilities. This can cause many difficulties for an individual or family. Most importantly, most people don’t understand that the majority of UK expat tax professionals are non-UK residents who are either working on contract in the UK or studying there. Therefore, they have completely absconded from UK tax law and have no prior legal knowledge of UK tax regulations. It is extremely important that everyone, especially those considering UK citizenship, consults with an expat tax professional regarding filing UK taxes.

Important to Hire an Expatriate Tax Attorney

One of the main reasons why it is so important to hire an expatriate tax attorney is that they are fully aware of all of the complexities involved in UK tax laws. Most UK taxpayers are not familiar with the complex financial penalties that are associated with late payments, bankruptcies, and dividends. Even those who are aware of these penalties often find themselves unaware of the complex foreign tax obligations that they must also be aware of. For example, the U.S. federal income tax obligations that an individual must pay are based on the calendar year in which the payment is made, and not on the nationality in which the money was received or spent. In addition, many individuals are unfamiliar with the complex foreign tax liabilities that come with investment activities. These are particularly significant due to the fact that many of the world’s top corporations have now set up UK operations in order to avoid U.S. taxation.

Assist you with the Preparation and Filing of Your UK Tax Return

Most importantly, all UK taxpayers are required to file a UK tax return if they wish to retain the benefits of the UK pension system. The UK pension system features a number of different benefits, including retirement payouts, and various benefits for military service personnel. An expatriate attorney will be best able to assist you with the preparation and filing of your UK tax returns. This includes understanding the importance of making sure that all pension payment information is maintained on a secure computer database. Rather than relying solely on a paper filing system. The cost of retaining a professional service to help with your UK tax obligations can be quite high, however, and it may make more sense to retain an attorney when preparing your overseas tax returns.

Can Handle Your Taxes

Expatriate tax preparation lawyers can be find throughout the United Kingdom. However, it can be very difficult to determine which firms are best suited to handle your taxes. One way to ensure that you hire. The best expat tax professional firms in the UK is to examine the firm’s website. A large majority of UK based tax preparation firms will feature a well-designed and informative website. As well as a detailed explanation of the services that they offer.

Help you Determine Whether or not to Retain 

Taxation specialists are also invaluable when it comes to helping you determine whether or not to retain local accountants in Watford for your financial accounting needs. There are several differences between typical accountants and CPAs. Certified public accountants are typically license by their states to practice, while CPAs are not typically regulate in the UK. In most cases, CPAs charge more for their services due to the higher level of training. Licensing that they must obtain from their states.


Many business owners underestimate the importance of retaining a Certified Public Accountant or CPA. They may believe that CPAs are not necessary for them. On the other hand, businesses that utilize CPAs often experience much higher levels of productivity due to their expertise. In assisting their business with taxes and business accounting issues. Therefore, if you are currently engaging the services of a CPA. It is strongly recommends that you consider having him or her audit your books and prepare your annual accounts. This would free up a substantial amount of your time that. Otherwise have been spent preparing your accounting reports on your own. In addition, hiring an experienced and properly trained CPA could significantly reduce. The number of penalties that you assess for incorrectly filed tax returns.

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