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Get knowledge about DI saddles

For an efficient house connection, you may require various types of components like Ductile iron saddles, gunmetal saddles, water pipe connectors and many things. In most situations, the house connection usually extends to fence lines and sometimes to your foundation wall. House connection requires necessary permissions. You can get in touch with one of the top suppliers of DI saddles in the Middle East and GCC region. If you want to know a lot more about DI saddles, read this blog.

What are ductile iron saddles?

Ductile iron saddles are mostly used for making leak-free and permanent taps on either new or existing pipelines. Usually, these DI saddles are ideal for every pipe type. Ductile iron saddles are perfect for those pipes covered with PE but also can fit old pipes easily and perfectly.

Dutco Tennant LLC is thrilled to announce its presence at the popular WETEX Exhibition 2022. We will be showcasing one of the best and top-quality solutions for the potable water project requirements which also includes water pipe connectors. If you wish to explore and gain info on such solutions, you are cordially invited to Hall: H7, Stand no. 7B12 from 27th September to 29th September 2022. Did not register yet? Register now only.

What are the features of ductile iron saddles?

There are some features of DI saddles and they are:

> The sizes available in the market are – DN 32 to DN 300

> Ductile iron saddles have a universal design.

> Easy installation process of DI saddles

What are the benefits of using DI saddles?

Have a look at the advantages of using DI saddles:

1 Ductile iron saddles are solid which ensures they have a good construction.

2 Most DI saddles are specially designed from durable, sturdy and top-quality ductile iron.

3 Ductile iron saddles have an epoxy coating which offers protection to the outer structure from chemicals, water, acids or any other elements.

4 Due to the global structure of DI saddles, it improves the tightening resistance and ensures an accurate adhesion of the DI saddles with the contact places on the pipes.

5 Complete flow tapping is guaranteed with no metallic liner and the credit goes to the shape of the gasket.

  1. the installation procedure of DI saddles is very simple with just two screws along with a wrench

7 Epoxy coating of these ductile iron saddles helps in preventing rust or corrosion.


Hopefully, you have liked reading this blog about ductile iron saddles. These saddles help in making leak-proof, simple & permanent taps on your new or existing pipelines. For water transmission and distribution, ductile iron saddles are best to use which usually do not rust if they are coated with epoxy. You can reach out to a reliable supplier of water pipe connectors.

Come and join the WETEX Exhibition 2022 Hall: H7, Stand no. 7B12 from 27th September to 29th September 2022, if you want to explore one of the top-class products like DI saddles. Dutco Tennant LLC will be presenting products that meet potable water requirements. Do not miss this grand exhibition. We would love your presence at this exhibition.


Dutco Tennant LLC has been a leader in supplying various kinds of industrial and engineering solutions for diverse industry verticals from construction to networking to electrical and we established a good company profile. Dutco Tennant LLC supplies products to a high-status list of corporate and government projects, and has contributed to the creation of world class private and public infrastructure such as water and wastewater projects, airports, exhibition centers, shopping malls, networking infrastructure, hospitals, hotels, universities and offices around the Middle East and GCC region.

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